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10 utterly fabulous stocking fillers

Opening your stocking on Christmas morning is always a cherished moment. After all, it’s not about the cost of a gift, it’s the meaning, and we’ve got plenty of quirky stocking filler ideas that are sure to put a smile on your loved ones’ face. 

Here are some of our favourite stocking fillers in stock for 2020. 


1980’s Trivia Game | Q&C Bookshop 

80s trivia quiz

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a family game or two now would it? This deck of cards comes complete with all out 80s music trivia and challenges. Divide into teams and assign the quiz master, then you’re ready to turn back the decades! 

For the young pups out there you can also try out the 90s Trivia Game.

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Mini Animal Rattles | Pica Lou Lou

mini animal rattles


If you’re celebrating a very special first Christmas in your home this festive season, these Mini Animal Rattles are the perfect stocking filler. Handmade and undeniably adorable, you can choose from the Lion, Hippo, Llama or Rabbit to mark the occasion. 

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Lola Ring Cone | Quince & Cook

ceramic ring holder

“Hey! I'm Lola. Living my best life as a DJ, musician and producer with a recent signing at a Norwegian label! I'm always true to myself and am proud of my authenticity. In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering with local charities. This ring cone would make such a cute gift for someone who reminds you of me.”

A little introduction there from Lola herself. She’d make a lovely little addition to someone’s dressing table to hold your favourite rings. You can also meet Libby - one of Lola’s closest friends!

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Make Your Own Superhero Mask | Cotton Twist

superhero mask craft set

An ideal little gift for anyone 3 years and up who loves to craft and let their imagination run free! The set includes a mask base, cut outs, felt embellishments & gems. Spend the Christmas holidays unleashing your superpowers! 

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Detox Himalayan Bath Salts | Corrine Taylor 

Himalayan bath salts

The festive period is the perfect time to indulge in some pampering and put your feet up. So, why not pop a pouch of Detox Himalayan Bath Salts in a loved ones’ stocking? Scented in lemon, ginger and fennel, these vegan and cruelty-free bath salts leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

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Push Pencils | Monograph 


Anyone else on an eternal journey to own a pencil and not lose it? Same. These contemporary Monograph Push Pencils are a great wee stocking filler for a family member or friend who is currently studying, loves to journal, or like us, can’t resist adorable stationary!

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Avocado Earrings| Quince & Cook

avocado earrings

No persuasion needed here. I think we can agree that these Avocado Earrings make the sweetest gift this Christmas!

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Coffee Stencil Set | Nicholas Vahé

coffee stencil set


Coffee is a must. If it’s before 9am and a big ol’cup of coffee has not been consumed, then approach with caution! Coming from a coffee-lover, this stencil set would certainly cause a beaming smile on Christmas morning. Use to create pretty designs on top of your coffee for an extra bit of joy in the mornings. Includes 2 stencils with different designs. 

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Ethical Dog Treats | Beautiful Joe

ethical dog treats

Our four-legged friends deserve a little treat in their Christmas stocking, don’t you agree? Tails will be uncontrollably wagging when they hear the rustling of a bag of Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats. Flavour: Pasture-fed Ox Liver Treats.

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Gin Stones | Quince & Cook

gin stones


We’re certainly looking forward to a few too many gins this Christmas! Gin Stones , if you aren’t familiar,  are a superb alternative to ice cubes. Made completely from soapstone, they hold less bacteria and impurities than an ice tray. They leave no flavour and even better they do not dilute your gin, whiskey, or other choice of spirit in the way that melted ice does. 

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Hopefully we’ve helped you to snap up a few last minute stocking fillers. You can shop our full range here.

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