Carrie Cotton: 3 Ways to Make Your Space Feel Like Home

Carrie Cotton: 3 Ways to Make Your Space Feel Like Home

Creating the perfect home can mean different things to different people. But it's behind closed doors where people truly become themselves.  Whether that is heading to the sofa to watch back-to-back shows, closing the door to a bossy world, or maybe you just want to dance around naked and clear your head (going to need some privacy curtains!). 
It’s your space and you want to feel great in it. As designers we get to take a look into your personal environment (maybe not the naked part ) to get a sense of how ‘you do you’.
And while the space you live in might be far from your ideal, to make a space feel like home reflects who you are and how you live your life.  When creating a home, try to think with your heart (not your head) because if you love something it will make you happy… and that’s what it’s all about!
“So, let’s say you know you want your house to feel like a giant hug when you come home from a long day - how do you do this with design?”
Small changes to colours, layout, and fabrics can really improve your mood and change the way a space feels.  I love using these ‘feelings’ or ‘emotions’ to make someone feel more comfortable and proud in their home.
So let’s talk about feelings….Yes, you might not know it but you have feelings for your sofa!
Before you laugh, think about the times you have been somewhere and wanted to relax but the sofa was too stiff or uninviting.  Or think about a time you wanted to have a professional conversation…but you sunk so far into the sofa it made you feel like a little kid.
The boring stuff: Design is mostly about balance, order, symmetry and the overall harmony of a space…I know, boring, but true.  And we designers are always thinking about this as we plan out the pretty stuff in your home.
And while the pretty things factor into your home selections - it’s much more important to make a space 'feel' like home, in addition to looking right! 
So I am going to give you a list of common ‘feelings’ homeowners want in their homes…these are the top 3 requests I get from my clients on how they want their space to feel.…you might know by now, I like 3….

1. Serenity Now - You want peace in your home.


When you come into your home do you want to take a deep breath after a long day? Have a place to put things away?  Maybe some space to stretch out and breathe?
In general - open spaces are more positive and inviting.  But if you don’t have high ceilings or lots of space you can open up space with design.  Declutter and organize. Painting using calming colours such as green and blue will help you feel connected to the sky and sea and create tranquility. 
Don’t forget to bring in elements of nature to create an optimal atmosphere for relaxation and health…indoor, hard to kill plants are such an easy and inexpensive way to do this.

2. Home body - You want your home to be comfy.


This goes back to wanting to feel like your home is giving you a giant hug…a place to retreat from the crazy world. 
Here you can think about adding warm neutrals to your home and texture. Maybe accented with warm purples and oranges to really feel that embrace.  Splurge on a cashmere throw to snuggle under. Figure out what makes you smile when you see it…images of kittens?  Print a few in a sepia tone to add around the house to give you all the warm fuzzy feels. 

3. Total social butterfly - You want to feel proud in your home. 

Clients will often want to create a space that they can feel proud when they entertain.  In this situation we want to think about not only the entertaining space but also the first impression your guests have when entering your home…and a little extra attention in your powder room. 
Additionally, we want to think about seating around the table or in a living room to boost communication. And finally, maybe you splurge on a bit of high-end design in your kitchen or living room depending on where you plan to spend most of your time entertaining.
If you want your home to make you happy and create that space you can ‘feel’, it’s simply about making sure your living space reflects the essence of the person you are…and then a few simple design tricks.

A little bit about Carrie Cotton...


I studied interior design in the States and continued my studies with the Interior Designer's Business School here in the UK so I could wrap my head around the business side of interior design (ugh…accounting!). With over 14 years of experience renovating and designing I am a master problem solver when it comes to the interior of a home and truly want to help you create a home you can be proud of. 

Many people don’t think they can't afford an interior designer or worry an interior designer is going to go way over budget. But we’ll work together to create a pulled-together, curated look that is just right for you (and your budget).

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