Handpicked Father's Day Gift Ideas

Handpicked Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is fast approaching - make sure you have it pencilled in for June 16th! 
Take the day to celebrate the amazing men in your lives, all the grandads, dads, uncles, and friends who make life a little better. To help you treat them to something a little bit different this year, we've curated our top pick gifts for fathers day. 

Father's Day Cards | £3 - £3.70

Fathers Day Card BY Quince Living

Presents are great but nothing says thoughtful like a personally written card. Tell your role model all the wonderful things you appreciate them for in one of our quirky designed cards.
Fathers Day Card Ideas 2019 by Quince Living

Miniature Model Boat Kit | £9.95

Fathers Day Gift 2019 Miniature Boat Set


Give your dad something to decorate the office desk or his bedside table with. A creative gift that will bring out the inner child in anyone who likes to build. This one is perfect for the sailor (or wannabe sailor!) in the family. 

Ridley's Pub Quiz Game | Was £19.99 Now £14

Pub Quiz Game for Father Day Gift

A pub quiz game perfect for the big kid in the family! Great to test your skills and general knowledge and bring out the competitive side of your family and friends. Take it on holiday, family gatherings or camping - just remember it's only cheating if you get caught! 


Kadai Stone Griddle | £85

With summer fast approaching this will be a perfect addition
to those family nights! If you're looking for a gift not just for dad, but for everyone, then this one is for you. Kadai Stone Griddle will look fab out the back, now all we've got to hope for is some nice weather on the 16th. 

Griddle BBQ for camping, great idea as a gift for fathers day

Retro Flip Clock | £26.50

There's a lot to be said for a practical present. This Retro Flip Clock is for the old school guys, and what better day to not set an early morning alarm than Father's Day!

Alarm clock for fathers day gift

From the whole team at Quince, we hope you have a wonderful Father's Day whomever you are celebrating! x