Meet the creators putting body positivity at the forefront of their work

Meet the creators putting body positivity at the forefront of their work

Inspiration can come from anywhere we are seeing more and more crafty creators take artistic influence from the beautiful shapes around them. Quite literally! Yes, today we are honouring and celebrating creators who channel body positivity into their craft. After all, what greater masterpiece is there than the human body?

Stick around until the end where we are also sharing some fabulous Instagram pages you can follow to add some encouraging words to your news feed.

First up, let’s take a look at some inspirational creators spreading the message of body positivity with every design, drawing and creation.


Artists inspired by body positivity

Through the means of art, our chosen creatives empower women to cherish and love their bodies and all of the marks, curves and stretch marks that make them the incredible souls that we know you all are.


Cashin Art 

Cashin Art vagina incense stick holder on a tray with a perfume bottle, candle and earrings
Cashin Art vagina incense stick holders valentine's day collection


Based in Glasgow, Beth Cashin is a crafter inspired by female form and empowerment. She began by design the most beautiful graphic prints that included female figure outlines and illustrations that often portray a societal message. Beth’s latest arty success has been her vagina incense holders which, like every woman, are all magically unique. Getting experimental with her handmade designs she shared her vagina incense holders and ash trays in a range of designs from with pretty florals to fierce animal prints. There’s something for every lady and her personality.

Support Beth’s page and shop here Etsy store by heading to her Instagram page here.


byrikki handmade mint green dangle boob earrings

byrikki boob pattern tote bag


If you haven’t yet had a scroll through the ByRikki Instagram page then why on earth not? Rikki handmakes the most gorgeous clay earrings and accessories from popping colour palettes. A signature design of  Rikki’s is the Boobie Collection which features earrings and tote bags decorated with her own pattern. The print itself is about celebrating all shapes, sizes, and scars. Reminding every woman that she is beautiful but also educating and raising awareness of breast cancer and the importance of checking yourself. 

Whilst the earrings are currently out of stock you can still pick up a beautiful boobie tote bag over on the ByRikki website


Tula’s Hoops

embroidery hoop with female figure outline

If you have checked out our Spring 2021 collection, you will know that one of our favourite trends at the moment is embroidery. So what a delight to discover Tula’s Hoops! Shop a beautiful range of embroidered designs that take inspiration from the natural female body. Lumps, bumps and hairy bits included!

Check out here Instagram page here to browse more beautiful designs.

Jen Collins 

Illustrator and clay crafter Jen Collins is another local lass celebrating femininity through art. Whether it’s by putting pen to paper and creating stunning drawings, or hand making clay home accessories. We adore her style and body positive message so much, that we are proud to announce we are now stocking some of Jen’s work here at Quince & Cook. Her totes boast beautiful ladies celebrating the female figure, much like her notebooks and gorgeous royal blue enamel pin. 

Find out more about Jen Collins’ work via here website and head to our Spring 2021 collection to shop some of her designs.


Meghan Murgatroyd

Finally, we are sharing the work of Meghan Murgatroyd. We are so pleased to announce that we will be stocking a collection of these gorgeous prints in our store. Meghan's art celebrates the female form with a pretty colour palette to match. These would look amazing hung anywhere around your home. 

As these prints are a shop exclusive you won't find them on our website so please get in touch with us at Quince & Cook if you're like more information. You can check out Meghan's Instagram page to view more of her artwork here.


Top body positive Instagram feeds to follow 

Of course, body confidence goes beyond the physical matter, it’s about how you feel inside and accepting yourself. We appreciate that this is much easier said than done. However, there are some brilliant communities out there who offer a place to open up conversations and share advice on learning to love our bodies. 

Here are some Instagram accounts that you can check out and maybe even follow to support your journey with body confidence. 


BBC Body Positive

screenshot of bbc body positive instagram feed

The BBC Body Positive Instagram account opens up a vast array of conversations surrounding our bodies. Whether it’s regarding weight, body hair, sex, mental health and more. They share a lot of tips and advice on how we can incorporate self care into our daily lives and the importance of looking after both your mind and body. As well as occasionally welcoming guests to discuss topics or share their stories. 

Check out the BBC Body Positive page here.


Body Image Positive

Screenshot of the body image positive instagram feed

Known as Body Positive Movement, this page is a safe place for anyone to discuss body and mental health issues with now judgement. What we adore about this particular account is it’s highly inclusive to both men and women. Mental health and body image is a difficult subject for most, particularly amongst men so this is a fantastic resource to add to your feed.

If you are one for an inspirational quote then we definitely recommend having a browse!

To visit their Instagram page click here


Bode Burnout

screenshot of bode burnout instagram feed

Bode Burnout is a great follow to fill your feed with artistic graphics and prints that share quotes and comics surrounding sexuality, body image and more. Not only a fantastic feed but Bode Burnout also has an online store where you can purchase some of their prints, tees and totes. 

Have a nose around their Instagram account here.


The Young Women's Movement 

screenshot of the young women's movement instagram feed

An organisation close to home for us, The Young Women's Movement is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote the full potential of young females across Scotland. They run various focus groups discussing different topics, host highlighting campaigns such as the ‘30 under 30’ and use their platform to share resources positive words to Scotland’s local lassies. 

Visit their account here.


We the Urban

screenshot of we are the urban's instagram feed

A place for positive affirmations, We the Urban is a proud black-owned platform that celebrates and promotes inclusivity. The feed shares a lot of mental health and wellbeing related posts that focus on self love and acceptance no matter your situation or background.

Check out their feed here.


Quince & Cook x