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Reasons to Love Autumn

It’s time to admit that summer is finally over, but it’s not all doom and gloom, Autumn is here! Days of sipping sangrias on the beach or firing up the barbeque in the back garden are now cherished memories, but we’re sure that Autumn will hold just as many special moments, if not more. 

From the leaves changing colour to our changes in fashion, it’s a great time of the year. 

Here are our favourite things about the Autumn months, what are yours?

Pop the kettle on

The diet starts next season because who can say no to a cup of hot chocolate in the colder months? There is something so warming and comforting about holding a nice hot cup of whatever takes your fancy. Our Molly Mugs with their dainty design would make an envious Instagram snap. A wonderfully chocolatey creation with lashings of cream and marshmallows, of course.

Sweater Weather 

As much as we love a cute floral summer dress and a pair of sunnies, there is just something so nice about throwing on a nice big cosy jumper - it’s like a warm hug. Living in Scotland this is essential for sure!


Jumping in the Leaves
Does anyone else find it utterly irresistible when faced with a heap of golden brown leaves to not revert back to a child have a kick about? It’s brilliant, don’t deny it. Surrounded by the smell of crisp Autumn air and the beauty of the nature changing seasons, it’s lush. Keep the kids cosy and wrapped up with our new funky scarves when you go enjoy this autumnal past time. Choose from the shark, kitten or puppy.



An extra hour in bed

It may be a yearly occurrence but nobody seems to know the date the clocks go back, am I right? All we know and all that matters is that at some point in Autumn one of our Sundays is blessed with an extra hour in the day. Which of course, is spent catching some more Z’s in bed.

Happy Halloween!

This spooky holiday is always waiting for us at the tail end of October. Whether you like to go trick or treating or are more of a fancy dress party kind of person, everyone loves to get involved and have a bit of fun. Kickstart the freaky festivities with our Halloween Cupcake Kit  to decorate your creation in true Halloween fashion...oh and maybe some of our Halloween Napkins to clean up the crumbs after.

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Another festive tradition in Autumn is, of course, bonfire night. A night which usually brings out the community spirit as we all get kitted out in our cosy attire and head for our local fireworks display. We will certainly be heading out in Perth to watch the sparkling light shine on our beautiful city. Lifehack: always bring a travel mug of hot tea or coffee to help keep cosy - everyone will be fighting who can hold it to warm up their fingertips!


The colours of autumn

There is something so beautiful about our Scottish countryside in the autumn months. The leaves drop to the floor creating a carpet of orange, red and yellow - what a spectacular view. A walk in this stunning scenery with the crisp fresh air and peace and quiet it the perfect way to rewind and relax.

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