Coconut Conditioner Bar
Coconut Conditioner Bar Coconut Conditioner Bar

Cold Pressed Vegan Conditioner Bars that Smell AMAZING!

Superfly Coconut solid conditioner bars are a great partner to go with their shampoo bars and gives a lovely fresh fragrance.

Follow after shampooing to detangle and condition your hair. Simply wet the bar and rub between your hands then lightly run the bar from roots to tips to ensure an even spread. Comb through if desired and then rinse thoroughly.

These bars contain Plant Keratin and Panthenol to nourish and strengthen hair along with Cocoa Butter, Rice Bran Oil and emulsifying wax (which is a necessary ingredient in all conditioners). Also included is Coconut Fragrance Oil.

Solid conditioner bars are the perfect solution to reducing single use plastic and an easy option to take with you on your travels. All bars are wrapped in vegan friendly paper, printed with eco inks. The conditioner bars last around 2 months when used every other day on long hair. 
  • This bar is suitable for normal to oily hair.
  • Shampoo Bars also available.
  • 40g Bar
  • Made in Scotland.

Conditioner bars last much longer than their liquid equivalent weight for weight but you should also look after your bar to ensure it lasts as long as possible. Keep it out of water when not in use, a soap dish or wire rack in your shower is ideal. 

Superfly products are produced in a nutty environment so please bear this in mind for any nut allergies.