Femme Artisan Chocolate

Femme is a dark milk bar, made with rare Amelonado beans grown organically by women cocoa farmers in Eastern Congo - the world’s first female cocoa cooperative. Centuries of exploitation and decades of armed conflict have made Eastern Congo one of the poorest countries on earth and one of the harshest to be a woman. This bar is named in honour of these incredible, pioneering women, who have overcome hardships that most of us can only imagine. Not only have they created a livelihood and future for themselves and their children, they are also actively protecting and nurturing the natural biodiversity of their homelands in Virunga National Park - Africa’s oldest nature reserve, and home to the last of the Mountain Gorillas. As well as providing a livelihood, the cooperative also gives the women access to higher education and a professional career, with some now in training to become doctors. Our partner Original Beans works directly with the cooperative, paying more than 2x Fairtade price, and supporting and enabling this ground breaking project. Amelonado beans give this bar its gentle yet striking flavour, reminiscent of honey on buttered toast.

Organic Swiss Milk
The milk we use to make our Femme bar comes from organically reared Swiss Brown cows, who graze on open mountain pasture in small family-based herds of less than thirty cows. These cows feed on more than 100 different Alpine wildflowers, and clear mountain water, which gives the chocolate its creamy, floral tones.

Raw Organic Cane Sugar
The sugar in our Femme bar is organic and raw, meaning that it has not been carbonated or decolourised and still contains all the important nutrients of sugar cane. It makes the flavour of this bar rich and complete.

    Handmade, designed and packaged in a micro chocolate factory in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    All packaging plastic-free and made in the UK. Outer packaging is printed on FSC certified sustainable card. Inner film is certified home and industrial compostable.


    Ingredients: organic cocoa mass, organic raw unrefined cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic whole milk powder

    For allergens see ingredients in bold