Navy Statement Knitted Necklace
Navy Statement Knitted Necklace Navy Statement Knitted Necklace
£6.95 £12.95

As soon as we saw these beautiful necklaces we knew we had to have them on Quince. These statement knitted necklaces are made from jersey cotton. The whole necklace is soft and very comfortable to wear.  It is double the layers for an super chunky finish for maximum impact.

The material is recycled t-shirt yarn from the fashion industry so is an excellent ethical option.

The necklaces tie at the back and can be worn at various lengths.  They can be dressed up or down and add impact to any outfit.

All of our new knitted necklaces are hand crafted in the UK. Due to the handmade nature of these necklaces (and the materials used), there can be some slight variation in the exact size of the necklace. However, the average measurements are curved depth of 35mm and knitted length of aprox 290mm.