Everyday Sourdough Kit
Everyday Sourdough Kit Everyday Sourdough Kit Everyday Sourdough Kit

We are so proud to stock the amazing kits from Gartur Stitch Farm. 

Do you know a bread lover who has always wanted to try their hand at sourdough?? The Everyday Sourdough Kit from Gartur Stitch has everything you need to get started on your sourdough journey.

Your Sourdough Starter Kit includes:

  • Mildred the Sourdough Starter (dried) 

  • Detailed instruction booklet with 10 great recipes for bread as well as some for using your starter when you don’t feel like making bread.

  • 1 Banneton (or proofing basket) to get beautiful shaping in the oven

  • 1 Bowl Scraper

  • 1 Dough Scrubber (because there is no stronger substance known to human kind than the dried on sourdough bread)
  • 1.5kg of Organic Strong White Flour grown and milled in East Lothian from Mungoswells Malt and Mill

  • Razor for scoring

Sourdough starters were traditionally handed down from generation to generation. In the spirit of that, each kit includes a recipe card and starter care kit for you to refill your starter jar and pass the bread love onto a friend.

All starters come with a lifetime guarantee. If you are struggling with your starter, you can contact Gartur Stitch and they will do what they can to help. If all else fails, they will post a new starter out in the post!!

The  everyday sourdough booklet has everything you need to get started on sourdough. However, you can also purchase our Everyday Sourdough online course, if you prefer to learn with video - https://garturstitchfarmshop.com/products/everyday-sourghdough-the-online-course-level-one

Amazing product images by Kat Goldin.