An Inch of Land, A Bar of Gold- Vietnamese Poster

Well known Vietnamese propaganda posters date mostly from the years 50-70, years of war followed by a period of reconstruction. In times of war the posters told stories of war and resistance, later the posters were used to motivate the people to lead a good and virtuous life in order to stimulate the reconstruction of the nation. Other themes are health, exercise, the environment and the importance of education.

Today propaganda posters still colour the streets of Vietnam, especially before and after big national events. Like in earlier years the posters are still mostly about recent events and new ideals.

The original posters from the years 50-70 are now collector’s items. We have chosen the most beautiful works of well-known artists, creating a colourful and inspiring collection which gives a versatile representation of Vietnam in times of peace. The prints are carefully printed on handmade mulberry paper, with the name of the artist and a translation of the message.

Size : 30 x 40 cm
Origin : Vietnam
Material : Silkscreen on handmade paper