Hello Sunshine Decal - Quince Living
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Hello Sunshine! This cheery wall decal is perfect for all common spaces in your home. Installing it in your bedroom will give a great start on even the darkest days. Any cutout areas of the design allow your wall color to show through, which gives your quote a natural feel, rather than just looking like a sticker on the wall. This decal sticker comes with transfer tape for easy installation

Suitable for use on any flat smooth surface, the rule is that if Masking tape sticks so will your lovely decal. Why not give your fridge a new lease of life?


  • 1 'Hello Sunshine' wall quote
    • Matte vinyl with transfer tape
    • Size: 28 × 18 cm
  • Installation instructions

Made of Sundays wall decals will stick to almost any smooth surface like painted walls, glass or furniture. We recommend waiting 30 days before applying to freshly painted walls to ensure proper adhesion. When it comes to removing, simply peel the wall decals off your wall, they will not damage your wall surface or leave any traces.