Lacanche Citeaux

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Another elegant and best-selling over a metre Lacanche range cooker. The Citeaux boasts two main ovens and a simmer oven. A vertical 65-litre convection (fan) oven and grill on the left. A large oven that can be specified as a gas, static electric or dual function electric oven in the centre and an 79-litre simmer oven on the right. The simmer oven offers the flexibility to plate warm, hold food and even slow cook. The simmer oven can also be specified as a 65-litre dual function static/convection electric oven & grill. There is a choice of three hob tops (two gas and one induction) and space for two additional optional integrated hob elements such as a chargrill, extra burners or a multi cooker. A useful combination of oven sizes and types and the extensive hob top make the Citeaux a very popular range cooker.

The Citeaux range cooker can be ordered for natural or LPG (bottled) gas or all electric.