Angled Measuring Jug 1L
Angled Measuring Jug 1L Angled Measuring Jug 1L
Take precise volume measurements in a fraction of the time with MasterClass's angled measuring jug. This ingenious gadget features a sloped front edge with printed measurements, so you can fill the jug from above and see exactly how much liquid is inside.

Features & Benefits

  •  SIMPLE PRECISION MEASURING: check measurements from the top, front, or sides with this angled jug
  •  EASY-TO-READ PRINT: ml, fl oz and cup markings are printed across the sides and front
  •  ROBUST AND NON-TOXIC: the jug is made of BPA-free, highly break-resistant transparent plastic
  •  EASY, COMFORTABLE POURING: it features a comfortable non-slip handle and anti-drip spout for precision pouring
  •  USEFUL INFO: one litre / 32 fluid ounce / four cup capacity. Five year guarantee