Cacao Pow Deodorant Bar
Cacao Pow Deodorant Bar Cacao Pow Deodorant Bar

A natural deodorant bar that smells amazing, is plastic free and is effective!


55g Jar

Application Tips:

The Cacao Pow Deo Bar is a solid that melts at body temperature. Cacao Butter melts at 34-38 degrees. Normal body temperature is between 36-37 degrees.

+ The best time to apply is after a hot bath or shower, to clean, dry skin.

We recommend turning the end of the bar into a light fluffy paste in the palm of your hand - around 20 rotations will achieve this. Once the bar starts to flow you can apply directly from the bar to the armpit.

Alternatively you can hold the bar against the skin of the armpit and count to ten. This is roughly how long it takes for the bar to start flowing. You always want the product to glide on effortlessly.

For hair free armpits smooth the product completely into the skin as you would any moisturiser, ensuring that it hasn’t gathered in the folds of the skin. A visible layer on the skin is not required.

+ See how many days you can go without re-applying. Ultimately we recommend applying every other day. The product continues working even after showering. 

+ If you have sensitive armpits don’t use on the same day you shave. 

+ Consider applying the product before bed and washing it off in the morning. It will carry on working during the day and there are many benefits to this. 

+ If you feel sore after applying, wash it straight off. If you have washed it straight off it will still continue working and will work for several hours. 

+ If you have experienced a reaction to the product it is important that you discontinue use. 

About the Maker:

I turned my back on aluminium deodorants 10 years ago, when I developed eczema under my arms. I used to buy the strongest aluminium deodorants on the market (which claimed to keep you odour free for 24hrs) but found that after a night of dancing they weren't up to the job. Over time my underarm arm area flared into large patches of eczema which would only heal if i completely abstained from aluminium deodorants. 

After my body rebelled I spent many years searching for a natural deodorant that would keep me odour free. There seemed to be problems with every single one I tried. I tried the best ones on the market but with very limited success. I had no choice but to develop my own. I spent many months tweaking and refining the formula until eventually I hit upon the perfect one. My body is so sensitive I even react to natural organic essential oils, so it was a real challenge to arrive at the perfect formula.   

Not long after I started to react to aluminium deodorants I was diagnosed with the condition fibromyalgia. This resulted in me dedicating every spare minute of my time to researching health and nutrition. I was to discover just how detrimental aluminium can be to our health and the role it plays in fibromyalgia and other chronic health conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Through my own research and by making lifestyle changes I have been able to biohack my health and put the fibromyalgia I was diagnosed with into remission. 

I would encourage everybody to look at ways to reduce aluminium exposure in their life - switching to an aluminium free deodorant is one way you can make a big difference.