Flower Press
Flower Press Flower Press Flower Press

Make a memory last a lifetime. Beautifully crafted wooden flower press will be a gift that will bring joy to all ages and can be used forever. Perfect for flower lovers, crafting fanatics and someone who wants to relive a moments of joy from a birthday, wedding or baby shower.

  • Contents: Flower press, instruction and sheets of card and paper for pressing

  • Size: 15cm x 21cm

How to use this 'Wooden Flower Press’:
Feed the screws through the pre-made holes on the unprinted wooden panel, to assemble this flower press. Layer a sheet of card, then a sheet of pressing paper and carefully top with your chosen flower. Place another piece of paper on top, followed by more card and repeat the layers to press multiple flowers at once! Finally add the remaining printed wooden panel and use the washers and wingnuts to tighten securely. Leave your flowers in the press for 2-3 weeks, don’t be tempted to peek you might have to start again with new flowers. Then carefully uncover to reveal your delicate creations and enjoy.

Why we love this 'Wooden Flower Press’:
Crafting and keepsakes go hand in hand and are the best gifts to give. The delicate flower design makes the flower press precious and maybe you’ll have to treat yourself too. Also, keeping dried flowers in your home means you won’t have wilting bouquets, so instead have the beauty from the pressed flowers all season and into the next year.