Lacanche Beaune

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Whether you are buying a 90cm range cooker for the first time, or are replacing an existing 90cm cooker, there is now a serious range cooker for that market. The all new model boasts the build quality, versatility and performance for which Lacanche is famous as well as a host of exciting new features. Leaning on Lacanche's professional heritage, we are pleased to introduce this new small range cooker with a massive heart.

A new six burner gas or induction top, above a huge 65-litre dual function side oven with grill (select between static or convection), together with a second large 56-litre static electric oven or a 52-litre gas oven. The 6-burner gas hob accepts all the Lacanche hob top accessories and there is a large capacity storage drawer.

The Beaune range cooker can be ordered for natural or LPG (bottled) gas or all electric.