Natural Home & Beauty Kit
Natural Home & Beauty Kit Natural Home & Beauty Kit
£20.00 £40.00

We are so proud to stock the amazing kits from Gartur Stitch Farm. 

A box of goodness for making your own natural cleaning and beauty products. 

The kit includes:

  • a detailed guide to making your own cleaning and beauty products including:

    • Natural all purpose cleaner

    • Cold Process soap

    • Castille soap

    • Cream cleaner

    • Natural Deodorant

    • Natural moisturiser

    • Essential Salves

  • Amber glass spray bottle

  • a selection of 12 small salve tins and amber glass jars for storing your cosmetics

  • a selection of candle wicks

  • 100g of Beeswax

We have two options for this kit, if you are ordering online we have to post without Caustic Soda (required for soap making) to ‘Hazardous Goods’ restrictions .Instead please note that you will need to order approximately 400g of lye from The Soap Kitchen -

In store orders will include Caustic Soda.