Natural Sponge
Natural Sponge Natural Sponge Natural Sponge Natural Sponge

This soft natural sponge from Meraki is the perfect item for caring for and nourishing all skin types.

Perfect for sensitive skin, use this delicate to remove makeup in your face, or as a wonderfully soft and comfortable sponge for soft baby skin.

100% natural and biodegradable. These lovely sponges are harvested on the ocean floor with the utmost regard for the existing marine life. Every sponge is unique. Once the sponge is harvested, it is thoroughly cleaned. However, you may find small traces of algae, but these do not affect the quality of the sponge.

How to use the natural sponge from Meraki:

Wet sponge. Gently massage the skin in circular motions. The sponge can be used on the body, neck and face. Rinse the sponge thoroughly in clean water after use. Tip: Use the sponge with water or a mild cleanser.