Oval Large Platter
Oval Large Platter Oval Large Platter Oval Large Platter Oval Large Platter

Perfect for serving cuts of your favourite meat, this white stoneware oval platter is large enough for any food, on any occasion. It has been cleverly designed with straight sides to ensure the contents do not spill as you carry it to the table. This large oval platter comes in handy, particularly when preparing snacks for a relaxed night in with friends — and it can also serve as the centrepiece of a buffet spread.

The Artisan Street Large Oval Platter is versatile and stylish and can be used in the oven and stored in the fridge or freezer. Cleaning up is easy thanks to this platter’s stoneware construction, which means it can be added to the dishwasher once the meal is over.

Artisan Street includes a full range of dinnerware and serveware as well as a complete collection of food preparation, oven-to-table and storage items.

The collection’s ceramic products combine natural materials with simple but elegant design features such as this item’s ripple pattern along the rim. With the Artisan Street Large Oval Platter’s organic look which, along with its neutral tones, the item can be easily mixed and matched with other items in the collection to give your table an eclectic, stylish look.