Pink Bottle Buddy Tote - Quince Living
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The Bottle Buddy by Built is certainly a must have for any parent. As new parents we can vouch for this product! It is ideal for storing babies bottles whilst out and about, it will easily hold 3 big bottles with space left for some snack time essentials. It also has a handy pouch on the front for other treats. We take our Built Bottle Buddy everywhere with us and is great for a day out, insulating for up to 4 hours. The secure zipper and water resistant neoprene contain any spills inside the tote - and off of your clothes. Compact enough to fit into any diaper bag or tote.

  • These handy bags insulate keeping food hot or cold for up to 4 hours (depending on outside temps)
  • Baby friendly - Like everything in your house, this is going to end up in your baby's mouth. Unlike everything else, this is FDA tested for food safety, lead-safety and phtalate, PVC-, BPA- and Vinyl free.
  • Baby-Proof - Spills, splashes, stains and smears/ Bring 'em on. And wash 'em right off. The Built products are baby-proof and machine washable.
  • Handle with swivel clip attaches to strollers, handbags etc.
  • W 9.25" x H 11.024" 
  • Also available in blue and as a single bottle tote.