Shower Loofah

Natural loofahs create gentle friction, perfect for shedding dead skin cells and increasing localized blood flow and circulation, effectively tackling dull-looking skin. Our Loofah Shower Pad is more gentle than raw loofah with a loop that can be hang-dried. It is an eco-friendly, plastic-free swap for everyday exfoliating needs.

Compared to a traditional plastic shower puff or body polisher, if it starts to smell, it can be reused by being boiled in clean water. Directions Scrub soap on the soap pad to lather up foam to use on the body For best result, follow up immediately with hydrating lotion or moisturizer e.g., natural oils like coconut oil

Care Tips Please refer to the last product image Disposal Cut the loofah, cellulose sponge inside, and cotton wrap part into small pieces before composting to avoid getting caught in the compost machine