Gluten Free Vanilla Halloween Cupcakes

Gluten Free Vanilla Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is just around the corner which means it’s time to up the game with sweet treats. We’ve had jelly zombies, we’ve had chocolate skull lollies but what we really want is cake - this rule applies all year long, not just Halloween.

Whether you’re hosting a spooky Halloween party, looking for something fun to do with the kids or simply enjoy a tasty snack whilst watching your favourite Halloween film, these cupcakes are quick, easy and gluten free! What’s not to love?



150g Unsalted Butter (softened)

150g Unrefined Golden Caster Sugar

150g Gluten Free Self-Raising Flour

3 Large Eggs

Buttercream Icing: 

50g Unsalted Butter 

200g Icing Sugar 

1 tsp Vanilla Extract 

Food colouring - optional

Serves 12, however with determination and resilience can be tackled by one person in one seating...we won’t tell.

Let’s get started!

1. Preheat your oven to 180° (160°C fan, gas mark 4). Place your spooky Halloween cupcake cases  from our Halloween Cupcake Kit onto a baking tray so that they are ready and waiting for the cupcake goodness to come. 

2. Grab a mixing bowl and cream the butter and sugar together with a wooden spoon or electric mixer until the texture is light and fluffy - much like werewolf ghost. Gradually beat in the eggs, one at a time.

3. Add the gluten free self-raising flour and mix lightly until well blended, then divide the mixture between the Halloween cupcake cases. Now is your que to lick the spoon...and bowl, we won’t judge.

4. Allow to bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes until golden brown and firm on top. If left to bake for too long the firmness may resemble a pumpkin, in this case, abort mission and locate your nearest bakery.

5. While the cupcakes cool, it’s time to make the buttercream icing. Beat together the butter and icing sugar in an electric mixer, until smooth. Add a few drops of vanilla extract for flavour, and a splash of milk if soften the icing a little. Now it’s time to get funky! Add in some food colouring into the mix. Orange, green or purple would be our go-to Halloween colours. Fill a piping bag fitted with a nozzle of your choice with your buttercream and pipe onto your cupcakes to finish.

6. We're not quite done yet! Top your cupcakes with some creepily cool cake toppers from the Halloween Cupcake Kit and serve with our Halloween napkins to keep those pesky crumbs away.


If you give this recipe a go then make sure to send us pictures of your Halloween cupcake creations.


Quince x