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    Lacanche FAQ's

    How does Lacanche enhance your cooking experience?

    Lacanche are made for your needs, this is due to them being customisable. Another reason is, multiple ovens can really streamline your cooking process allowing you to use separate functions for different dishes all at the same time. Lacanches are also built to last meaning with a bit of care and cleaning you’re Lacanche will be around for the long haul.

    How do I customise a Lacanche

    You can customise your own Lacanche by going to our online Lacanche Builder - if you would like we can walk you through this if you get in touch with us, although it is a very straight-forward process.

    Click here to go to our online Lacanche Builder.

    Are Lacanche Oven's Self Cleaning?

    Lacanche Ovens are not self-cleaning, but the interiors are very durable and easy to clean. Hot Soapy water is enough to clean most dirt and ensuring you remove all the soap and turn on the oven to remove all water is an easy way for a happy Lacanche.

    Do Lacanche make an electric range?

    Lacanche do make electric ranges. You can customise your own Lacanche and select an induction top for your desired model, and multiple electric options for your ovens - or even dual function.