Top Gifts To Make That Tail Wag

Top Gifts To Make That Tail Wag

Welcome to the world where tail wags are the ultimate currency. Let’s face it, our pups aren’t just pets; they’re family. Their loyalty, slobbery kisses and companionship never fail to make us smile, and our lives wouldn’t be the same without them.

From Drool-worthy treats, to playtime wonders, we’ve got what you need to make your pup’s day - you know they deserve it.

You're Toast Eco Dog Toy

If you really want to get that tail wagging, then this ‘You’re Toast Eco Dog Toy’ is sure to get it going! Not only is this dog toy made with recyclable and sustainable jute, it is also produced without any added compound that could be released when chewing. This means there are hours of tough and long lasting safe fun for you and your pup!

The Barista Dog Soap Bar

We all know the moment, you see a huge muddy puddle ahead, "dont do it!" you exclaim. You end up with a very happy and muddy dog! This 100% natural dog soap helps clean up that dirty pup without any issues. Made with coffee grinds and shea butter, this soap not only cleans, but also softens your pups skin and lets their fur glisten beautifully.

Doggy Bandana with Iron-On Patches

Now these are just the cutest! Scout’s honours doggy bandanas and patches have something for every cheeky pup! From the Belly rub club, Sock Thief, to Will sit for treats! These are one of my favourite things we have this year and will make your dog the flyest pooch on the block. These come in multiple sizes so no need to worry about the fit either!

Goosey Lucy's Goose Dog Chews

These treats are made with 100% Goosey goodness, not only are they good for your pup, they won’t leave you alone after you’ve given them one - they are an absolute hit! These are also great for dog’s with sensitive tummies. They are hypoallergenic, highly palatable, have b-vitamins for heart health, are rich in Iron, and more!

W'ZIS Postman & Roast Dog Treats

Another hit with our doggie visitors to the shop. Pups come’ a runnin when they hear the W’ZIS tin rattle. These treats are perfect for a hungry dog, with only 1 calorie per treat, 100 treats per tin and an amazing taste for the doggy! Not only do dogs love them, they also promote teeth cleaning to keep those chompers sparkling!

If you want to view our full collection of doggy gifts then click here.

We hope both you and your pup have the best festive season with lots of tail wagging and smiles to go around!