Rachel is a studio ceramist and designer maker from Wales, she makes functional tableware and decorative panels. Colour, tactility and material quality are central to her work, using porcelain and stoneware clays.
Travel is an important influence of of Rachel's palette and the forms that she makes. Over the years she has developed a vast colour library of ceramic materials, gathered when 'colour mapping' by undertaking colour surveys in chromatic cities such as Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Athens. 
The forms of her tableware are designed with a consideration for balance and harmony. Using glazed and unglazed ceramic surfaces, she strives to produce long lasting items that intimately consider material quality, colour and functionality. Her wares are to be used and cherished, encouraging positive and unique experiences. 
Having achieved a First-Class honours degree in the Applied Arts and a MA in Ceramics from the Royal College of Art, she is now based at 401 and a Half Studios in South West London.

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