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Wash House Store X Quince & Cook
At the Wash House Store you can drop in for refills of natural shampoos, conditioners and cleaning products. Bring along your own containers or pick up one of our plastic free glass bottles.
You can also shop our selection of zero waste products, from cleaning cloths to drinking straws and reusable make up pads.
Organic Day Pads Sold out
Omega Glow Serum Sold out
Dustpan & Brush Sold out
Beard Shampoo Bar Sold out
Norse Beard Oil Sold out
Beard Bundle Sold out


Beard Bundle

Sold out

Sandalwood Shaving Soap Sold out
Oat Latte Large Soap Sold out
Miracle Shampoo Sold out
Tropical Fruit Radiance Mask On sale
Tropical Super Serum On sale


Tropical Super Serum

£17.99 £21.99