Guide To Buying AGA Cookware & Refrigeration

Guide To Buying AGA Cookware & Refrigeration

AGA have been adorning British homes since 1929. Invented and originally produced in Sweden, the production process is now located in Telford UK. From range cookers to sauce pans, this brand has many different products each with their own unique style and purpose. You can read more about AGA’s history and their range cookers here

While we have previously looked at AGA’s range cookers, their fridge freezers are also not to be missed. These stylish and functional fridges have been crafted with new technologies to ensure the best experience. With Ionizer technologies to neutralise unpleasant odours and improve air quality, these products also are fitted with external digital displays that allow the user to control the fridge’s temperature. 

AGA Fridge freezer

AGA fridges have super-cool and super-freeze options for those last minute needs, as well as ‘The Quick Drink’ mode which ensures you won’t freeze that bottle of wine. AGA fridges also come with holiday modes, eco modes and even a child lock - these products are a great addition to the household, with functions that will benefit anyone and everyone. 

AGA Fridge Freezers

There are a range of fridge freezers to choose from, including the AGA DXD Fridge Freezer, the AGA SXS Fridge Freezer and the AGA SXS Deluxe Fridge Freezer - all coming in a variety of colours such as Black, Dark Inox, Cream and Stainless Steel. 

AGA Fridge Colours

What is the difference between AGA DXD and SXS Fridges

There are a couple of main differences between the AGA DXD and SXS refrigerators with the main one being the V-SEAL function in the AGA SXS Deluxe Version. V-seal is a vacuum sealing feature that keeps your food fresh for longer. This can also be perfect for sous-vide cooking.

Other Differences between the DXD and SXS Deluxe include:

 Model DXD SXS
 Net Volume (ltrs) 608 584
 Depth (mm) 820 800
 Freezer Shelves 1 2
 Freezer Drawers 3 4


Here at Quince and Cook, we also offer one to one appliance appointments to make sure that you receive the best possible product to suit your needs.

Aga Fridge freezer open

AGA Wine Cabinets

Also included in AGA’s range of polished products are their wine cabinets, with the Dual Zone Tall Wine Cabinet allowing a storage capacity of up to 159 bottles. AGA wine cabinets illuminate upon opening, meaning that the user can easily locate their desired bottle of the evening with no eye straining. The cabinet doors have triple-glazed glass which offers UV protection, ensuring that your wine will be fully protected from any sunlight. These doors are also fitted with an alarm in case you forget to shut them properly - meaning your wine is fully secure and cool at all times.

AGA Wine cabinet

AGA wine cabinets have wooden glide-out shelves making it easy for extracting products. The anti-vibration systems mean that the contents will not be disturbed. 

Both the Tall AGA Wine Cabinet (159 bottle capacity) and AGA Wine Cabinet 60cm (40 bottle capacity) come in Black and Stainless Steel.

AGA’s products do not stop there - they offer a wide range of appliances such as toasters, kettles, sauce pots and pans. This brand ensures that you can cook in style with the highest quality, top of the range products - every step of the way. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about AGA Cookware.

AGA Wine cabinet open

AGA Toaster

This stylish toaster can be used on the Boiling Plate, and ensures the perfect toast, crispy on the outside with a soft center - it will be sure to get your mouth watering. As well as using it for toast, you can make crumpets, teacakes, or even use it as a cake cooling rack. This toaster can also be washed in a dishwasher.

AGA Toaster

AGA Kettle

These stainless steel whistling kettles can hold up to 2.5 liters, and offers the most efficient boiling with its encapsulated base. These ergonomic products come with a sleek silver, cream, or black finish. AGA kettles are suitable for all heat sources including induction. The high quality, thick base ensures that your kettle will retain its flatness over years of use.

This product comes with a 10 year guarantee.

AGA Kettle

AGA Saucepot 

AGA also produces stunning sauce pots which are suitable for hob types. These products hold up to 2.5 litres, with a non stick interior. They have been designed for easy stacking which makes storing smoother and more convenient. The pouring lip makes for easy use, and these sauce pots also come with a unique flat lid.

The brand also offers a sauce pot at 1.9 litres for those looking for something a little smaller.

This products comes with a 25 year guarantee.

AGA Saucepot

AGA Saucepan Set

Made from 18/10 stainless steel, this pan set is a classy addition to the household and certainly essential for a busy kitchen. Their brushed bodies create a stylish and timeless look . Fully dishwasher safe, these pans are easy to clean. With an encapsulated base, movement flows down towards the heat source making for even heat throughout the cooking process. 

AGA branding garnishes the lid knobs, lending again to this modish finish. These lids are flat shaped, allowing for easy oven stacking which can free up more space. The body has been marked in terms of pints and litres, which makes measuring correct and convenient.

AGA Saucepan set


AGA 24cm Shallow Saute Casserole

Like the saucepan set, this product is made from 18/10 Stainless Steel and completely dishwasher safe. The casserole handles have been designed for easy handling when wearing double oven gloves or gauntlets. This is one of the best pans to purchase for first time AGA-pan buyers, as it offers rapid boiling due to its broad footprint.

These can be used for soups, stews, sauces, pot roasts and even poaching fish and eggs - making it a very versatile product.

AGA Shallow saute casserole



AGA is not just stylish and practical, these products are also made from 80% recycled materials therefore are extremely environmentally friendly.

With a unique and distinctive style, the installation of an AGA product can add up to ten thousand pounds value to a household. Tactile, fresh and current, this brand is certainly not one to miss. 

Form follows function when it comes to AGA. All their products are safe, responsive and efficient.



AGA Cookware is made from cast iron, cast aluminum and stainless steel. Each material is carefully chosen for a specific purpose to ensure that you are getting the absolute most out of your product.


Each range cooker comes with a variety of accessories. This includes a toaster, roasting tins with racks, oven shelves, plain shelf, wire brush and its very own ‘The Aga Book’.


AGA cast iron cookware retains heat which locks in succulent flavours. This cast iron cookware breaks down mould after use, ensuring the product stays clean and hygienic. 


AGA’s are coated with multiple layers of hardwearing vitreous enamel, avoiding any spray-paints that may chip away over time.

Final thoughts on AGA Cookware

This brand offers state of the art pieces that will bring character to your kitchen. AGA’s are a timeless addition to any household and with such a wide range of appliances in a large variety of colours there really is something for everyone.