Celebrating Hogmanay at home

Celebrating Hogmanay at home

It’s almost time to bid farewell to 2020. It’s been a strange, challenging and insightful year for reasons that we sure need no further explanation on but we are hopeful that 2021 brings more positivity. 

But, before we hop into the new year we still have Hogmanay to tick off the list. Hogmanay is one of Scotland’s favourite celebrations. We love to share a drink, watch the fireworks and belt out Auld Lang Syne to our hearts content. However, like many of our favourite holidays and celebrations in 2020, we won’t be seeing in the new year to quite the same extravagant extent. 

Nonetheless, we can still have a wonderful Hogmanay at home - we’ve had plenty of practice! Here are some ways that you can make your end of year farewell even more memorable. 

Prepare a grand feast

steak dish

What better way to start the festivities than with a delicious spread of food. You can go all out and prepare a three course meal for the occasion. Maybe a tasty steak with peppercorn sauce? Or, alternatively create your own little party buffet at home. We’re talking mozzarella sticks, crisps and dips, sausage rolls, samosas; all the classic party favourites. 

Stock up on bubbles

Treat yourself and those in your household who are of an age to some bubbles. Be it prosecco, cava or champagne, nothing says new year’s party like popping a bottle of bubbly. So, dust off your best flutes glasses and nip down to your local supermarket. 

Set up a home photobooth

This is a brilliantly creative idea for those with young children to keep entertained or even just those who are young at heart. To create your own photobooth at home all you need is a plain background - a wall or even drape a white bed sheet, some funky decorations which you can make from scratch or buy at local craft stores, some fun props and of course a camera (disposable could be fun?) or smartphone. What’s so lovely about this idea is that you take away some fun snaps that capture a moment in time with a lot of meaning. You can look back on your smiling faces knowing that no matter what 2020 threw at you, you made it through!
Note: Add a touch of champagne for some even more interesting photos!

Get dressed up

We’ve spent a lot of time this year lounging in joggers and cosy cardigans and whilst it is one of life’s true pleasures. There’s something nice about getting dressed up, popping on some jewellery and a splash of perfume and making yourself feel nice. Even if we are only venturing as far as the living room. Get all the family to dress in whatever makes them feel utterly fabulous and ready for the occasion. 

Have a pyjama party

Family in matching pyjamas

Just to completely contradict our last suggestion, if getting all dressed up isn’t your thing then throw on your best jammies with a film and cosy up on the couch. Maybe even matching jammies for the whole family?...and the dog!

Create a playlist

In the run up to the big day why not create a playlist just for New Year? Adding in your favourite feel-good tunes and some classics for the occasion such as Auld Lang Syne and Abba’s Happy New Year. Let’s get everyone dancing around the kitchen!



Huge firework displays and mass gatherings are certainly off the cards this year but you can still bring some light to Hogmanay by buying in some sparklers. Wrap up warm and grab a bucket of cold water for health and safety purposes then head outside to light up your sparklers. 

Play games

Family game time is always a laugh so why not get everyone together with some fun board or card games. Even better, how about a quiz? Music, general knowledge, history, sports or a bite of everything. Assign your quizmaster and just wait for everyone’s competitive spirits to come alive. 

Reflect on 2020

End the new year on a high by looking back on the good that came from 2020. It will differ for everyone and although we have all faced hardships to various extents this year we can always find some good. It could be as simple as recalling and reminiscing a particularly funny zoom call with the family, or the excitement of the first night back out at the pub. Sharing memories is one of the loveliest pastimes. 

Speak to loved ones

zoom call on a laptop

We’re very fortunate to have a lively household of four, but for some the restrictions can make the impending new year quite a daunting one as they may be facing it alone. So, amidst your home celebrations, try to take the time to contact loved ones who might be struggling with the New Year. You can drop them a call to wish them well at the bells or even invite them to join you and your family for a virtual party via Zoom. 

Let’s make sure that nobody starts 2021 alone. 

We hope that you’ve picked up some fun ideas on how to make the most of Hogmanay at home and we’d love to hear how you plan to celebrate. From everyone at Quince & Cook we wish you a wonderful New Year and hope that the months ahead bring you much happiness and joy. 

Quince & Cook x