How to get the most out of online shopping from home

How to get the most out of online shopping from home

Evenings spent scrolling through rows and rows of products is a dream for some and a chore for others. However, at this moment in time online shopping is our only option so as we are not ones to dwell on that negative, we’re sharing our top tips on how to make the most of shopping online. 

We’re talking about how to make the whole experience more enjoyable, fun and even social. So let’s get started!

Create the perfect online shopping set up

espresso and half of a cookie

Just like you would a day spent shopping with friends and sipping cocktails in beer gardens, make an occasion of your online shopping evening. Dedicate some time to enjoy browsing stores and filling up your basket. In a sense it’s a form of self care. This is your time to treat yourself and shut off the big bad world outside. 

Cosy up on the couch with your comfiest loungewear and a fluffy blanket. Ensure that your laptop or tablet is well charged. Stick on some music in the background. Light some scented candles and of course, snuggle up with your favourite choice of drink and snacks. Perhaps a piping hot cup of tea and choccy biscuit? Or, if it’s the weekend indulge in a glass of red wine and crisp and dips.  

Set a budget

It’s time to get realistic for just a second. Shopping online, especially with a glass of wine in hand, can almost be too easy! We’ve all been there where we’ve got a little bit too over excited and spent more money than first intended. Then a few days later your bank statement comes and your cheeks flush a rosy shade of red. Sound relatable? 

So, do be mindful of setting a budget that works for you and stick to it. Even if that means writing yourself a little note to remind you not to go over a certain amount. You do whatever works for you. 


Choose to browse the perfect shops for you

One of the top benefits of shopping online is that you are not confined to one shopping centre or high street. You are presented with endless shopping opportunities.

When considering where to shop, a good place to start is to think of what you are looking for. Homeware? Fashion? Gifts? Then you can start to browse for a specific item or think of some shops to check out. 

This is a great opportunity to show local and independent shops some love. Whilst we aren’t able to wander into many of our favourite high street artisan and craft businesses, most will have a website that you can check out and order from. 

We recently shared some of our favourite online treasure troves in and around Perth and Perthshire in a blog post which you can read here for some inspiration.

No changing rooms? No problem

woman wearing a cream high neck top with a blush pink pendant necklace

Shopping with friends is not only a social occasion, it’s practical. The ladies changing rooms are where those new mom jeans are put under the spotlight and multiple little black dresses are put head to head until there is only one winner. When shopping online we sadly can't take part in the much loved changing fashion shows. However you can still seek a little fashion advice from your most trusted pals if needed. 

You can screenshot or share the product link to a few outfits or accessories that you’re considering with a friend to see if they can help you narrow down your choices. Even better if you have a group chat, you can ask your friends to take a vote! Then, once your long awaited delivery arrives you can try it on and hop in front of the mirror for a few snaps to let the girls see just how good you look.


Read the reviews

One of the advantages that online shopping has over instore is the ability to read previous customer reviews. If you’re a nifty shopper or perhaps are making quite a large investment then it’s always a good idea to check out some reviews before heading to the checkout.


Don’t forget about gift wrap options

gift wrapped present with pink polka dot paper and gold ribbon

Whether you’re shopping for a friend or relative, or hey! Even your own pleasure. Don’t forget that a lot of independent online stores also offer gift wrap and in some cases personalised messages. This is such a lovely touch and can often cost nothing at all or only a small charge. Look out for any gift wrap buttons or additional messages in the check out. 

Take full advantage of Klarna

Another unique advantage of shopping online is the option to shop using Klarna. This is something that we have recently introduced to Quince & Cook and it’s gone down a storm. If you are not familiar, Klarna allows you to pay the full amount over various payments. Many high street brands use the system as well as independent retailers. It is always good to do a bit of research beforehand and make sure you know exactly when payments will be made but this can be a good option when making slightly more expensive purchases. You can read more about our Klarna terms here.

Treat yourself

You, yes you! It’s about time you indulged in yourself a little and reminded yourself just what a wonderful person you are. It’s good to treat yourself now and again to something nice. Be it a perfume, a new book, art for the walls or a piece of jewellery. Whatever takes your fancy. 


Share the love, spread the word

At the end of your online shopping journey and once you’re completely happy with your purchase, why not leave a kind review? As an independent business ourselves, we can guarantee the smile that you would leave on a business owner’s face to hear that you have been extremely satisfied with your product and customer service. 

A few kind words on Facebook or a social media post of your new delivery can be a really thoughtful thing to do. It’s been a very testing year for independent businesses so to hear positive feedback is quite literally like being the cat that got the cream.

Happy online shopping! 

Quince & Cook x