The Ultimate Guide to Men's Beard & Skin Care

The Ultimate Guide to Men's Beard & Skin Care

There are endless resources for women’s skincare out there, but men? Not so much. That’s why Quince & Cook have pulled together this blog, dedicated to all the men looking for tips and tricks with their skin and beard.  

All our products are sustainably sourced and eco-friendly, so you’re not just looking after yourself, you’re looking after the planet too!

Beard care

Beard maintenance is going to be different for everyone. It’s just about learning what works best for you! We’ve come up with some tips and tricks to help you get going on your beard journey.


Regularly washing your beard will keep it healthy and clean. As much as you try to avoid it, there’s always going to be some food or dirt that gets stuck in there! Use beard-specific shampoos, as your normal shampoos will lead to itchy and dry beards. You want to do this process one to three times a week for normal beards and skin. For those with dryer beards and skin, this should only be done twice a week maximum. And for those with oilier beards and skin, sticking to three times will keep it from getting too greasy. 

For that extra bit of moisture and shine, consider using a beard conditioner or mask. These can be great for keeping your beard hairs healthy, especially as we head into those colder months.
Here is a selection of our top beard washing products.
100% natural, this gentle cleanser will be great for sensitive skin. Making sure to not strip any natural oils, this shampoo leaves your beard healthy and shiny. Infused with Elemi & Ginseng and Aloe this beautiful shampoo washes away all impurities and leave you smelling amazing.

Purifying clay mask by the brighton beard company
This detoxifying mask helps to get rid of pores, while also reducing any inflammation and blemishes present underneath the beard. With kaolin clay, cocoa butter and aloe vera, you will be heaven-scent with this clay mask. Use this after washing with shampoo.

Oil supplementation & balms

Using beard oils will help to boost the natural oils present in your skin. Moisturising both the beard and the skin, oils will lead to fuller facial hair that stays soft and tame. Using oil can also promote hair growth, as they remove unwanted dead skin cells from beneath the beard.
Apply beard oil after washing and shampooing. You can start using this as soon as you begin to grow your beard. As the weather grows colder, consider applying a few extra drops later in the day and before bedtime. 
Balms are perfect for conditioning and styling your beard. As balms are very similar to oils, you don’t need to use them both at once. Beard balms are great for getting rid of dandruff, so great for keeping your beard from getting itchy. 

Check out some of our favourite picks for beard oils and balms. 
Full of argan oil, vitamin E and various other nourishing ingredients, this product will be sure to nourish the skin beneath your beard, leading to better growth and less itchiness. Perfect for all beards from stubble to developed, and everything in between. Simply apply one or two drops on a clean, towel-dried beard, and comb through with a bristle brush. 
The Brighton beard company beard oil and beard shampoo gift set
This cleanser and conditioner combo has got everything you need to get started with your beard maintenance routine. With their trusty shampoo bar and beard oil, you will have a nourished and flourished beard in no time. 
moustache wax product image
Moustache styling has just got easier with this Mandarin & Cedarwood Moustache Wax. With a firm hold to tame your hairs and in a handy travel sized tube, you won’t be seeing any more split ends or messy moustaches whilst you're on the go.
This balm will keep your beard tame and thick with its heavier conditioning treatments. Repairing damaged hair and preventing splitting, this product is perfect for getting the beard of your dreams. Made in Scotland, this will leave you smelling and looking amazing.

Trimming & brushing

After your beard has been growing for around three to four weeks, you can begin trimming and shaping. Make sure your beard is completely dry before doing so, as otherwise, it may lead to an uneven cut. Trimming prevents split ends and scraggly hairs, so you’ll need to keep on top of this whether you want to keep it long or short. 

There are endless tutorials that you can check out online to help you get started, such as this one here. You can ask your barber to help out with this, however, learning to do it yourself will save you time and pennies.

Brushing your beard daily will help to condition the hairs, getting rid of any residue or grime. Bristle brushes are great for this as they can get right into the skin, keeping it clean and dirt-free between washes. Regular brushing will also help to train the hairs to grow in the right direction.

Check out our favourite trimming and brushing products.
Shaving brush and stand
This bristle brush is made from synthetic fibres that will last a lifetime and is completely recycled. Kitted out with a stunning stand, this makes for the perfect brush to keep your hair and home looking fresh.
Make shaving easier with this 100% natural shaving soap. Use with warm water and lather across the face with a brush, lifting the hairs ready for the perfect shave. After shaving, rinse with cool water and pat dry. This soap is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Skin maintenance

Finding out your skin type is the first step you want to take when looking for the perfect products. This is a fairly easy process that we have broken down for you here.

Oily: A lot of shine present in the nose, forehead and cheeks
Normal: Slight shine on the nose and forehead.
Dry: Your skin feels tight when you smile or move facial muscles
Combination: Oil is present only around the T-Zone.
Once you have determined your skin type, you can narrow down the best product for your face. 

Oily skin

Day cream with papaya extract
Natural with a soft, silky texture, this moisturiser will keep your skin healthy and hydrated without weighing down your skin. In a delicious mandarin scent, you will be smelling and looking your best.

Dry skin

Gentlemen's daily moisturising face serum
This all-natural serum is full of essential ingredients, including borage oil which assists in restoring dry and damaged skin. Deeply nourishing the face while protecting it from environmental exposure, this is the perfect serum for dry and sensitive skin.

Combination Skin

Apricot kernal and rosehip oil balance cleanser
This non-drying, exfoliating cleanser is great for combination skin. Simply mix with some water, creating a foam that can be applied all over the face and neck. This product will hydrate the skin while removing excess oils. 

Normal skin

Black palm skincare range
This multi-pack comes with everything that you need to get started on your skin maintenance journey. With a cleanser, moisturiser and toner perfectly crafted for normal skin types. These all-natural products will help to protect and rejuvenate your skin without causing any damage or dehydration.

Superfly's regenerate face oil
This face oil restores the skin, providing moisture and hydration. With anti-inflammatory properties, this product restores tired skin and keeps it at its healthiest. Simply apply two to five drops and lather across the face. This product is extremely hydrating, so you don’t have to add a moisturiser.

We hope that this guide has given you the hand that you need to get started in your facial maintenance journey. Following these simple tips and tricks will get you right on track to have the happiest and healthiest beard and skin.