Spring Garden Guide

Spring Garden Guide

Spring has finally sprung, and it is time for those greenfingers to get working. It feels like forever since we’ve been tending to our gardens after such a long winter, and getting started again can be a little confusing. But fret not, we have come up with a check-list of exactly what you need to do to make sure your flowers flourish.

Quince and Cook Gardening Checklist

Scope it out

The first thing you want to do is inspect your garden for any issues. These can appear in the form of cold damage within plants from winter months, hardscaping that needs repaired and any beds that need cleaned up.


Refurbish and repair

Once you have identified what needs to be fixed - it’s time to get going! Step one will be dealing with those hardscaping repairs. This means dealing with dead grass, weeds, and erosion, fixing up any decking issues and cleaning out overgrown beds. Now is also a great time to clean out that greenhouse that has been abandoned over the colder months!

Plan and prep'

Next up it is plan and prep time! Have you been thinking about setting up any new raised beds? Want to make your current beds a little bigger? Start doing these tasks now, as it’s almost planting time.

Tender loving care

We get so busy tidying and tending to our houses that we often forget to do the same with our gardens. Spend some time cleaning up any debris in the form of twigs and leaves or any extra weeds and unwanted plants to make things look a little more neat.

Testing time

If you’re setting up a bed from fresh, you will want to make sure to test the soil. If you’re coming back to an old bed, test this every 3-5 years. This way you can identify the nutritional composition which is necessary to know what soil feed to use.


Snacks for your soil

Now that you know exactly what your soil needs, it’s time to feed it. You can discuss this with professionals at your local garden center, who will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Trim those trees

It’s now time to also prune your woody shrubs and trees to allow them to grow. Cut the largest old stems from their base by taking a cut roughly ten inches above the desired cut.

Secure your support

Get those trellises and stakes out! It’s almost time to get planting, and you want to have these set up prior, so get this done pronto. These will be great for your peas and beans, and can also help your vine crops produce better quality fruits.

Get planting!

The time has come to plant your flowers. Start designing your stunning spring containers and borders. The perfect plants for these are the likes of your spring bulbs - daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, snowdrops and so forth. Get creative with it!

Garden Essentials

To help you get your garden going, we have come up with a list of essentials for you to add to your spring wishlist.

Sunflower Seeds Quince and Cook
A garden would be incomplete without a sunflower. These gorgeous golden giants will watch over your flower beds, looming up to three metres in height. 
And it’s not just us that love sunflowers - bees, bugs and butterflies do, too! Brightening up the garden and filling it with life, these pretty plants are a staple to any garden, whatever the style.

Carrot Seeds Quince and Cook
Carrots are not just great to taste, they are just as great to grow! Perfect for shallow soil, these heirloom carrots can also fit in your pots, containers and grow bags.
There’s nothing like homegrown veg, so grab your seeds today.

Anise seeds quince and cook
Spice up your life with these Mediterranean seeds. A delightful addition to your garden, and once grown will enhance your dishes with beautiful flavours.
This spice holds various magical properties, warding off the evil eye and protecting the user from nightmares if placed under their pillow at night. 
Anise also attracts the birds and the bees - both literally and metaphorically. Garden creatures love it, and with its aphrodisiacal benefits, your partner will too!

Cultivate and Grow Bag Quine and Cook
These delicate paper bag growing kits are packaged in the traditional style of Japanese rice bags, holding exotic culinary plants and basils. 
With potting mix, seeds and instructions this set makes for the perfect gift. 
Once established, these plants can be transplanted to larger pots or gardens.

Wooden Fork and Trowel Set
An essential for gardeners of all levels, this fork and trowel set will be great for clearing those unwanted weeds, digging up soil and maintaining your flowerbeds. With earthy wooden handles, and a smooth black finish they are both stylish and practical.

Gardening Gift Set Quince and Cook
This three-piece Opinel gardening set makes for the perfect spring-time gift for your plant-mad pals, or is a great excuse to spoil yourself!
Featuring a folding saw, gardening knife and pruning knife, each in fresh colours, presented in a gorgeous wooden storage box.

Set of Slate Plant Markers Quince and Cook
Keep your garden organised this season with stunning slate plant markers. This set comes with a soapstone pencil to write with, and can be easily erased when the time comes. 

Shetland Bird Feeder
This pine-crafted, neutral toned bird feeder is a beautiful addition to the garden. Its natural and minimalistic design will bring subtle style, and the birds will absolutely love it.
With a metal hook for easy hanging, this feeder will be suitable for seeds, nuts and pellet food to satisfy those chirpy chappies. 

Shetland Hexagonal Bee House
Save the bees this season with the Shetland Hexagonal Bee House, offering protection for those beloved bees while they work away. 
Ensure that this is placed on a wall or fence in direct sunlight.

Tall Statement Planter Quince and Cook
Turn heads with this eccentric statement planter - both suitable for indoor plants and outdoor foliage. 

Everdure BBQ Quince and Cook
Now that your garden is looking the part, why not host a BBQ party to it off? And what better way to do so than with this sleek and stylish mint compact gas barbeque!
With a cooking range of 2358cm² and a high hood meaning you can make the most of your outdoor cooking experience. 
It’s die-cast aluminium body coated with UV-rated gloss paint means that this contemporary appearance does not compromise durability. An absolute must have.

Recycled Wool Waterproof Blanket Quince and Cook
Did someone say back-garden picnic in the sunshine? Yes please!
This stunning sustainable picnic blanket will accommodate the whole family, stretching to 55” x 75”.
Crafted from pre-loved fibres - 70% recycled wool as well as 30% mixed fibres and waterproof polyesters.
You can be sure that this beautiful blanket will be an accessory to many sunny memories to come.

Tips & Tricks

Need a little help with your gardening? Do your plants need a few pointers? Look no further. Here are some great books to get you off on the right foot.

Plastic Free Gardening Quince and Cook
If you would like to make an active approach to reducing plastic in your garden but have no clue where to begin, this book is exactly what you need. 
Offering both education to the harm that many garden plastics bring to our environment, as well as solutions on how to allow your garden to thrive without these - this book covers it all.

Planting For Butterflies
Want to accommodate for some fluttery friends? This book will guide you through exactly how to attract and provide for the declining population of butterflies through specific plants and placement.

Grow: A First Guide To Plants Quine and Cook
Are your little-ones eager to get their hands dirty and help you in the garden?
This book is the perfect guide for them to learn some fantastic tips and tricks of their own, offering a more independent approach to their first gardening experience. 

Veg In One Bed Quine and Cook
This handy little book will give you all the guidance you need to grow various vegetables easily, organically, abundantly and inexpensively - all but in one raised bed. 

Get crafty this Spring

flower arranging workshop event

Here at Quince and Cook we offer a variety of workshops. Get in touch about our upcoming flower arranging session, perfect for the season!  Or why not even have a go at creating your very own flowers from paper? Leave with your very own beautiful botanical sculpture.

paper flower sculpture workshop

It is clear that spring is the season of creativity and rebirth. Bulbs are blooming once more, birds and butterflies are making their beautiful returns and our fingers are itching to make our gardens flourish once more. We hope that our tips, tricks and recommendations have given you a little inspiration to get started!
Happy planting.🌸