10 Achievable New Year's Resolutions

10 Achievable New Year's Resolutions

After reflecting on the year drawing in, the daunting task of choosing your personal New Year’s resolution arises. Do you choose to once again pursue a somewhat failing relationship with the gym? Or, maybe become a millionaire? Yeah, we’re still waiting on that one to come true as well.
New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be so scary and the disappointment of not achieving them come the following January 31st isn’t inevitable. We’ve got some great resolution ideas which you can easily achieve in a year and that can make a bigger difference to your life than you may think. 

1. Meditate

Yes, we know you’ve heard the concept of meditation thrown around a lot an no, it doesn’t require you to be extremely flexible or have access to a grand temple. Meditation can be what you make it, as long as you practice the core values of peace and mindfulness. There are plenty of great apps to help guide you but even 10 minutes every day or so can do wonders for mental health and productivity.

2. Say no to plastic

We understand that it’s almost impossible to eradicate plastic from our daily lives, however, we can reduce the amount we consume. Make a conscious effort to say no to plastic straws in restaurants or bars, keep a spare ‘Bag for Life’ in the car so you’re never caught short and invest in some more reusable products to reduce your general plastic waste. It’s that simple!

3. Shop local

Now, this is one close to our hearts. As a small business ourselves we can’t express how grateful we are that our lovely customers invest their hard-earned cash in us. Of course, the argument against will always be the slight difference in expense but would you not rather spend a little more for a unique item and to know that you are helping to support someone in your local community?

4. Family meals

One for the family here, you’ll know how fast the ones grow up and you will always wish for more time with them. Set a day, even a time, where at least once a week the whole family sits down at the table to enjoy a meal together (yes, a takeaway still counts!). No phones, and no taking it up to their room. This isn’t only a great idea for yourself but for the whole family to catch up and spend time together.

5. Improve your sleep

Not a problem for everyone, but for some, getting a good night’s sleep seems like it only happens in dreams! So many things affect your sleep quality but here are a few of our top tips:
  • Give yourself and least an hour before heading to bed completely screen-less. Sitting on your phone right before bed is something we are all guilty of too much.
  • It may be tricky at first but train your body to fall into a sleep routine that works for your lifestyle. 
  • Take a hot bath before going to bed, you’ll feel clean and relaxed.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine drinks before going to bed they will only keep you awake. 
  • If you find it hard to switch off at the end of the night or are easily distracted, then try a sleep mask. 

  6. Be more charitable

There are so many charities doing fantastic work for a range of causes that need your support but if a sponsored skydive isn’t really a practical idea for you, then find other ways to donate. When shopping online, a lot of big respected brands offer the option to donate to charity or it can be as simple as popping some spare change into the charity pot in your local shop. We’re not saying to donate every time you step outdoors, but just make the effort to donate more than you normally would, it’s still an achievement and will be much appreciated.

7. Take more time to do what you enjoy

A little generic but hear us out. Whether your a busy businesswoman or a stay-at-home Dad try and spare an evening or a couple of hours a week to do what you want. Whether that’s a cosy night in reading or outdoors walking in your local park, don’t sacrifice your time, for anyone. You deserve it.

8. Wash your make-up brushes regularly 

Afraid to ask the last time your make-up brushes had a good clean. It’s one we’re all guilty of, but if you suffer from bad skin should be a priority. Depending on how often you use your brushes, the recommended time to clean them is every 2-3 months. It’s simple and really doesn’t take long so come on, take care of your brushes, take care of your skin.

9.Reward yourself more

We are so quick to negatively criticize our every move but give the greatest of support to friends and family members. So this year, start to give yourself a little credit, you’re doing great. It can be anything from completing a long day at work, looking lovely before a night out with your friends or for not spending your entire month’s wage in the first week. Well done you.

10. Try something new

Yes, absolutely anything. Pick up a new skill, try a new food or new hobby as long as it is something you have never done before then you have completed your New Year’s resolution.
We are super excited about all that the new year has to bring and we hope that it is just amazing for you. From all of us at Quince, we wish you the best of luck in 2021 and completing your New Year’s resolution.