Tips for transitioning your home from Autumn to Winter

Tips for transitioning your home from Autumn to Winter

It’s official. The days are now shorter, the trees are barren and the temperature is nippy to say the least. Winter is imminent, bringing with it the joy of Christmas, New Year and everything in the run-up. 
So before things get a little too crazy with Christmas staff parties and last-minute shopping. Now is the time to transition your home into the perfect hibernation space for the cold winter months. It doesn’t have to be as expensive and as difficult as you may think, and to prove it we’ve put together some of our top tips to get your house looking and feeling winter-ready. 

Time to cosy up

There is no better feeling than coming in from the cold, kettle on, jammies on and curling up on the couch for a chilled night in -  the life of a true party animal! We love it and the first step in achieving that warm, cosy feeling is, of course, layering up the blankets and cushions. Whether it’s in the living room or bedroom, this will instantly add some winter vibes to the room and will prove to be extremely practical as the temperature drops. Have some fun and get creative mixing and matching colours and textures, in this case, more is certainly merrier. 

Relight the fire

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In the winter months, the humble living room fireplace truly comes into its own and not only as a place to hang the Christmas stockings. However, if you don’t have a fireplace to bring some warmth to the room don’t worry, just go crazy with candles! Whether it’s slick and simple white pillar candles or perhaps some super funky candle holders, the warm glow they offer when the lights are dim sets the perfect cosy atmosphere.

Glitz ‘n’ Glamour

Add in some metallic accessories to really add a warm tone throughout the house. The sparkling gold and brass tones will reflect and sparkle in the light beautifully. You can go as crazy or as simplistic with this one as you like, from ornaments and candle holders to vases, standing lamps to pretty much anything else that can get a touch of gold. You could even D.I.Y some photo frames with some gold paint - the options are endless.

Let there be light

Be honest, who doesn’t love fairy lights? They are a super inexpensive way to add some winter vibes to your home. Wrap them around bed headboards, staircase spindles even house plants. Or, to be a wee bit different, display them in a fancy vase or recycled glass bottles to use as a side lamp. You may not even have to go out and buy new for this tip, just bring out the Christmas tree lights early - nobody will ever know.  

Keep it floral 

Flowers may be the go-to summer decor go to but they’re just too pretty to get rid of completely during autumn and winter. They bring a pop of life and homely feel to any room for winter, why not choose some darker toned bouquets for arrangements with deep shades of crimson and beautifully burnt orange or go ice cold with crisp white petals that will glisten in the windowsill. Potpourri also adds the naturally inspired look with a more winter style, and of course it smells amazing. 


Get Rich

Sadly when we say rich, we’re talking colours, not bank accounts. If you want to go all out for the winter season and take a paintbrush to your home, go with darker, rich colours such as emerald green, royal blues or warm mustard. These shades will instantly make the room feel cosy and homely. 
However you choose to decorate your home for winter we would love to see some photos and of course, if you have any tips you would like to share then let us know. 
Quince x