Top 5 Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Follow

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 Instagram is a fantastic resource for home design and interior inspiration. Perhaps a little too fantastic even. How often do you say you'll only have a two minute scroll and half an hour later you're still there and your online shopping basket is rather full? Yes, we've all been there. 

There are some wonderful home décor accounts out there and professional interior designs sharing their mood boards, projects tips and more. So, if you are embarking on a home renovation, moving house, or simply love to browse beautiful designs (we do too!) then here are our top 5 Instagram interior design account to follow. 

Happy scrolling!


ALISON ANDERSON | @alisonandersoninteriors

Alison Anderson's interior design Instagram feed with a central square that reads @alisonandersoninteriors

Based in sunny Hertfordshire, Alison Anderson is an interior designer with a passion for helping you create your beautiful dream home. She takes the stress out of managing a big design project by supporting you with her wealth of industry experience and knowledge. Her Instagram page is bursting with on trend interior design inspiration and she often shares useful home décor tips via her blog feed. In fact, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Alison herself a while back. She shared her 5 Affordable ways to make your bedroom more luxurious - read the post here. 


LIFE AT ST.AUSTELL | @lifeatstaustell

screenshot of life at st.austell instagram feed with centre square that reads @lifeatstaustell
The wonderful Ellie shares her passion for interiors, DIY,  impeccable style and more over on her Instagram page. Not only does she share updates on her oh-so gorgeous home. Seriously, her interior design combines everything from rural and rustic, to retro and funky - we’re talking about her super cool neon lights here! She also lets us in on her day to day life.  Whether it’s sharing fashion hauls, travel memories or the latest shenanigans from her adorable beagle Jenson.


BEETROOT AND BLACK | @beetrootandblack

screenshot of beetroot and black interior instagram feed with centre square that reads @beetrootandblack

If you adore classic, sophisticated design then look no further and Beetroot and Black. Rachael is the proud owner of the most beautiful Victorian home with all of the periodic features you could imagine from stained glass windows, to the spacious high ceilings. She shares each renovation and intricate design detail of her stunning home leaving you with bounds of décor inspiration.


CARRIE COTTON DESIGN | @carriecottondesign

Carrie Cotton's interior design Instagram feed with a central square that reads @carriecottondesign

Carrie Cotton knows how to work a room. She’s fierce to make a client’s dream home designs come true, with her own spin on things, of course. Documenting her creative development as an interior designer visually through Instagram and literally through her blog. It’s fascinating to see her technical thinking behind the artistic progress. 

A fantastic follower for Carrie’s account could be one of two. Number one, the aspiring interior designer who wants to follow in the footsteps of this leading lady from Edinburgh. Number two, the love of a sharp, classic yet not quite predictable style - someone who likes to blend styles rather than conform under one.

Not all that long ago, we had Carrie feature on our Quince & Cook blog feed. She shared her top 3 Ways to make your space feel more like home. Check it out here.

 HOUSE PROJECT 36 | @houseproject_36

House Project 36's interior design Instagram feed with a central square that reads @houseproject_36

Follow Laura's renovation journey through her home project page. Not only does she share her own home makeover, but she also shares style advice and upcycling life hacks. Showing that you can achieve your dream home on a budge and with an eco conscious mind. We adore a DIY project!


GREEN AND MUSTARD | @greenandmustard 

Green and Mustard's interior design Instagram feed with a central square with text that reads @greenandmustard

Anna and Sally bring their followers daily themed posts. Think everything from rich colours, geometric patterns and funky furniture to simplistic and modern. 

Followers of this account love a twist on the ordinary. They love to keep their style varied. Why keep to one when you can combine influences of them all?


We hope that you're now topped up on some interior inspiration, let us know who inspired you the most! If you are now on the hunt for some new interiors,  homewares and more check out the Quince & Cook Instagram.

Quince & Cook x