How to choose & style artwork in your home

How to choose & style artwork in your home

Fed up of staring at barren walls in you home? We totally get it. Adding in some art is the perfect way to spruce things up a little but there's a lot to consider and it can seem a bit daunting. So, we've pulled together a handy wee guide on everything that you need to consider. From selecting the perfect piece, to styling it in your home.

What to consider when choosing artwork for your home

For many, shopping around for artwork isn’t a daily occurrence. So, it’s completely normal to feel a little overwhelmed walking into a shop full to the brim with amazing art and not quite knowing where to start. Here are a few things to consider when shopping around that might help to streamline your search a little.


First thing to consider when shopping around for new artwork is the colour scheme of the piece. Keep in mind the room that it will be displayed in and the colours going on in there. Whilst it’s great to coordinate, it’s also fun to choose something bold with a totally different colour palette to your room to really add some drama. Ultimately it comes down to choosing art that you like and inspires you. Although it’s important to consider the colours, don’t let it put you off buying your perfect piece. 

Size & Scale

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You’ll most likely have a rough idea of where you plan to display your new artwork so this will totally determine the size that you’ll be looking for. The most common mistake when buying art pieces is buying too small. We’ve been there too, don’t worry. When you're holding it in the shop or gallery it looks a decent size but once you take it home and hang it on an empty wall it suddenly seems a lot smaller. 

Our advice would be to mark out on your wall with a piece of chalk the rough four corners of where you’d like the art to cover. Measure it up and note the dimensions to take with you when shopping or to reference whilst browsing online. You’ll most likely never find a piece to those exact dimensions. However, it can be really helpful in putting things into proportion. 

What does it mean to you?

Of course the aesthetic of a new print or canvas is important when it comes to interior design. But, it’s also nice to fill your home with art pieces that mean something to you. No matter how big or small the meaning is. Perhaps it’s a piece by one of your favourite artists? Or, a landscape of somewhere that you’ve visited and made amazing memories. Hey! As long as it makes you smile, that’s the main thing. 

So, don’t be afraid to go a little longer with a blank wall to ensure that your new art piece is just right. 

How to style

Now you’ve got your new favourite graphic print or oil painting from a local artist, next you need to think about how to style it in your home. Here are some ideas and things to consider when choosing the perfect way to display. 


It might seem obvious but do think about where you’re going to place your new art. You’ll want it to be somewhere that people can see it and share its joy. If you have children you also want to make sure that it’s well secured and can’t be knocked over or pulled down by little hands.

No space to hang? No problem

Maybe you’re short on wall space or perhaps you just want to do something a little different with your latest print? Leaning your canvas or frame against the wall on top of a side table or chest of drawers can be a really fun alternative. Pop a few decorative accessories at each side and you’re good to go. No nails! No drills! Easy!

Frame it

Framing artwork can really finish it off and add an extra little something to the whole look. Monochrome prints look amazing with a frame that adds a bright pop of colour. Or, go with a metallic frame and give off some seriously luxurious vibes. 

One thing to remember when choosing your frame is to make sure that your frame doesn’t outshine the art itself. Sometimes a simple frame does the job best!


Add some sparkle

To really draw your guests’ attention to your new wall art, hang some fairy lights around the frame. Fairy lights make everything look prettier, don’t you agree? 

The more, the merrier

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Fine Little Day Landscape Print available at Quince & Cook.

If you’ve got the space then why stop at one piece of art? Pick up some cohesive frames in different sizes and similar style prints then have fun making a collage of prints on the wall. You can choose a main centrepiece with smaller frames surrounding it. Or, go for two or three large pieces to symmetrically align side by side horizontally or vertically. The options really are endless!

If this has inspired you to start your search for the perfect picture, then make sure to check out Quince & Cook’s range of prints and wall art here.