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How to clean a Bertazzoni | A Quince & Cook Guide

Maintaining the sleek and high-performance features of your Bertazzoni appliances involves regular cleaning and proper care. In this guide, we'll explore effective cleaning methods for your Bertazzoni, oven, cooktop and exterior. This will help your kitchen stay stylish an hygienic.

General Cleaning Tips:

1. Avoid Abrasives:

When cleaning your Bertazzoni, steer clear of abrasive scrubbers that can scratch the surfaces. Opt for gentle cleaning tools to protect the exterior and interior finishes.

2. Neutral Cleaning Products:

Choose neutral cleaning products without chlorine or bleach for a safe, effective and non-damaging cleaning experience. Bertazzoni recommend using ammonia based products for the best result.

3. Safety First:

Prioritise safety by disconnecting power and turning off the gas valve before cleaning your Bertazzoni range. This precaution ensures a secure cleaning environment.

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How to Clean a Bertazzoni Oven:

1. Activate Pyrolytic Cleaning:

Take advantage of the pyrolytic self-cleaning function to burn grime, turning it into ash. This makes the rest of the clean-up a breeze. This function is only available on some Bertazzoni models - so do check if your Bertazzoni model has this capability.

2. Damp Cloth Cleaning

After pyrolytic cleaning, use a damp cloth with neutral cleaning products to wipe the interior. Avoid abrasive scrubbers to prevent scratches.

3. Warm Cleaning

For easier cleaning, tackle the oven while it's still warm (not hot) after use, preventing hardened dirt that complicates the cleaning process.

4. Grill Cleaning:

Soak oven grills in hot, soapy water to loosen ash and grime. Use a dish sponge to scrub them effectively, leaving you with shiny grills.

5. Baking Soda:

Use a mixture of baking soda and water to tackle stubborn gunk on your oven walls. Leave the mixture on for 20-30 minutes then remove (without scrubbing too hard).


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How to Clean a Bertazzoni Cooktop:

1. Avoid Abrasives and harmful chemicals

Like the ovens, avoid using abrasives that could scratch your cooktop, and try to opt for ammonia-based cleaners soaps, or neutral detergents. Avoid chlorine and bleach.

2. Prevent Burn Marks:

Avoid places hot pots directly on the steel worktop to prevent burn marks and damage to the finish.

3. Handle Stains with Care:

Remove acidic stains promptly, using baking soda or non-abrasive cream detergents. Rinse thoroughly after using natural products.

4. Burner Maintenance

Clean burners made of brass or pyral with soapy water and a fine bristle brush. Ensure caps are correctly positioned after for optimal functionality.

5. Pan Supports:

Clean cast iron or enamelled iron pan supports with non-damaging degreasers and avoid dishwasher use.

How to clean the Exterior of a Bertazzoni

1. Warm Soapy water

Use warm soapy water on the exterior of your range to tackle any hard grime, gunk or stains to ensure your natural colour shines through. A bit of elbow grease goes a long way here. This is by far the best option for ensuring a pristine Bertazzoni without causing any damage to the stainless steel or colour.

2. Avoid These

Avoid using anything that can damage the enamel of your cooker as you don't want to ruin that beautiful aesthetic. Some of these can include: Vinegar, bleach, and chlorine.

3. Last-Resort

For super hard strains try coating the stains with a mixture of water and baking soda. Leave this mixture for 20-30 minutes then remove it with a cloth. Do not scrub to hard when removing to avoid any scratches.

Cleaning the Oven Door:

Below is a video that shows you how to take apart your oven door for cleaning - This will not need cleaned as often as the rest of your cooker but is still need's some love every once in a while!



By following our cleaning tips, you can ensure your Bertazzoni range remains in top0notch condition. Regular maintenance not only preserves the longevity of your appliances but also contributes to a clean and enjoyable cooking environment.

Happy cleaning! Quince & Cook xox

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