The Difference Between Bertazzoni Master and Professional Series

The Difference Between Bertazzoni Master and Professional Series

Picking a premium kitchen appliance is super exciting, but with so many options it can be a bit overwhelming. Here at Quince & Cook one of our personal favourite brands is Bertazzoni. It’s a name that stands out. With a reputation for excellence it’s a fantastic choice. Bertazzoni has three distinct series: the Master, Professional and Heritage. The Master and Professional series are very similar so it is essential to understand the differences between these two series so you can make an informed decision for your beautiful new cooker.

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In this blog post, we will talk about the difference between the Bertazzoni Master and Professional series cookers, shedding some light on the unique qualities of the two so you can find yourself an amazing range cooker for your kitchen.

Introducing the Bertazzoni Master Series

bertazzoni master series lifestyle picture

The Bertazzoni Master Series comes in many different sizes and presets. Like other Bertazzoni cookers you can choose between varying sizes that come with between one and three ovens.
You also have the freedom to choose between an induction top and gas burner top. This means no matter what you want, you’ll be able to find the perfect cooker.

The Master series offers a sophisticated look and is finished with matt (or stainless steel) - which is stain and scratch resistant. This series has limited colour options, so you have less of a diverse choice when choosing a cooker from this series.

Bertazzoni Master Series knobs

Master Series Knobs


The worktop design is created with squared stainless steel in this series, with the knobs sporting a more industrial look. These knobs are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The Master Series takes glance value seriously - allowing you to ensure you haven’t left anything on that shouldn’t be.

This series also sports Ergonomically-designed handles that not only look amazing, but fit perfectly in your hand and help support you in opening and closing the doors.

These series are not limited to only cookers. You can get a matching Master series refrigerator to pull your kitchen together for a beautiful cohesive space.

Introducing the Bertazzoni professional Series 

bertazzoni small range lifestyle picture

Bertazzoni Professional Series 60cm 4-Burner Electric Oven 

The Bertazzoni Professional Series is very similar to the Master series which does cause confusion for which series is the right choice for you. Much like the Master, you can get many different sizes and presets - including the same oven variation and the choice between gas and induction tops.

This series is full of vibrant colour choices which include five gloss finishes and a perfect matt black called the carbonio which gives the cooker a high class look. The finish on the Professional Series are durable, stain and fade resistant.

The Professional series has its own signature look. With beautiful control knobs that are ergonomically designed to be easy to use and look distinguished. Combining that with the handle design, the Professional makes for a beautiful cooker that feels good to use.


Bertazzoni professional series knobs

Professional Series Knobs


Much like the Master Series you can also get an accompanying refrigerator to give your kitchen a consistent look.

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The Key Differences Between Bertazzoni Master and Professional Series

  • The front control panel has a four bordered frame for the Professional series, and the Master series is instead between two parallel lines.
  • Different styles of knobs: The Master series has larger stainless steel knobs that give a more industrial look, whilst the Professional Series has smaller iconic knobs.
  • The professional series has a higher price tag on it. This is due to multiple factors, such as materials used and some differences mentioned below.
  • The oven controls for the Professional are knobs and a touch digital programmer, whilst the controls for the Master are knobs and a thermometer.
  • The Professional has an anti-slam system for the door whilst the master utilises standard oven door closing.
  • Your choice of colours is one of the other main differences between the two series, with the Master series only offering you stainless steel or Nero Matt as your colour options whilst the Professional Series offers: Carbonio, Black, White, Yellow, Orange and Red.

Cooker Comparison

Below are the differences between two similiar cookers from both the series. One thing to note, both cookers auxiliary ovens are both electric.


Product Name Professional Series - 100cm 6-Burner Electric Double Oven Master Series - 100cm 6-Burner Electric Double Oven
Knobs Brass Aluminium
Cooking Zones No Rapid Zone Rapid Zone
Oven Controls Knobs / Touch Digital Programmer Knobs / Thermometer
Timer Touch Digital Programmer Thermometer
Storage Compartments Drawer Flap

Introducing the Bertazzoni Heritage Series

Bertazzoni heritage built in lifestyle picture

The Heritage series is a different style of cooker which was created with the orginal Bertazzoni cookers in mind. Despite its old fashioned look, the Heritage series is still created with the High-standards of modern Bertazzoni cookers.

The main inspiration comes from the original wood burning stoves and are controlled with rounded chrome knobs that add character to the cooker as well as being comfortable to use.

This series also features a thermometer as opposed to the control panel and you can get the heritage in many different sizes with different presets to fit your culinary needs.
There are only two colours available for the Heritage Series which are “Avorio” (cream) and “Nero Matt” (black).

If you’re looking for a more traditional looking cooker to cook tasty meals on, the heritage could be the perfect choice for you. 


bertazzoni heritage fridge


Choosing the Right Bertazzoni Series for your needs

Choosing the right one or you can be a huge task (but exciting at the same time). Whilst the functionality is relatively similar the Professional Series is slightly highly quality, offers more - from a larger range of colours to choose from, the touch digital programmer and anti-slam system. If you do not find any of these features essential and the aesthetics of the Master Series fits your kitchen then you may prefer the Master Series.
If you are shopping on a smaller budget you will more than likely prefer to shop from the Master Series. There are many different models in both series, so if you do prefer the aesthetics and features of the Professional Series (or just want to splash some more cash) it may be the perfect cooker for you!
There is no need to rush your decision since this will be a cooker you’ll have for a long time! If you’re considering purchasing your dream Bertazzoni cooker and want a little more information or just a chat to see if it’s the right fit for you, get in touch with us here, or browse our full collection of Bertazzoni products.