An introduction to Bertazzoni Range Cookers

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Is Bertazzoni a good brand

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and one of the brands that share that core family value is Bertazzoni. Once a small family business, the Italian brand is now recognised worldwide for premium kitchen appliances. Built to an outstanding standard that combine modern design with traditional home values of sharing food and the social dining. 
Their approach to design and quality assurance is just one of the reasons that Bertazzoni are one of our hand-picked appliance brands stocked here at Quince & Cook. We as a family who love to cook, have tried and tested their products and their different functionalities that help you to get the most out of your space and your time cooking.
Let’s delve into Bertazzoni and see if they could be the perfect match for you and your culinary needs.

Behind the Bertazzoni brand 

A little lesson into the history of Bertazzoni...
All the way back in the 19th century, Italian entrepreneur Francesco Bertazzoni became inspired to combine his passions for family, food and innovative engineering with the creation of Bertazzoni’s wood-burning stoves. Where did his inspiration come from, you ask? Trains! Seeing how trains of that era used wood-burning stoves to heat carriages and provide cooked food for staff on board he wondered how this method could be applied to home cooking. 
Throughout the generations, Bertazzoni’s inherent precision engineering and love for Italian food culture has remained integral to the brand. Hence why each Bertazzoni kitchen appliance has been designed with modern-thinking, impeccable design and functionality for preparing delicious meals for all to enjoy. 
At the heart of Bertazzoni, is the food. The fusion of flavours and the unison of families and friends coming together to share laughter and stories over their favourite dishes. 

Find the perfect Bertazzoni appliance for your home

Bertazzoni’s bespoke range of kitchen appliances include their stylish built in ovens, combi oven microwaves, steam ovens, gas hobs, various designs of heat extractors, dishwashers, refrigerators and we can't forget the Bertazzoni range cooker.
Most Bertazzoni ovens come with different features such as induction top, and burner top with a built-in griddle.

Here are 3 of our top Bertazzoni kitchen appliances that show off a range of the brand’s capabilities and design features.  


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Our Top Bertazzoni Picks

Bertazzoni Built in Heritage Series

bertazzoni heritage series built in electric oven

The Heritage Bertazzoni range is a beautiful concept that combines modern functionality with a vintage inspired design. You can choose from various colour combinations and the Heritage series ranges from singular built in ovens to full scale range cookers with multiple compartments. We particularly adore the 60cm built in electric ovens from this range. It boasts both convection and broil mode with steam assist function to adapt to what it is that you are cooking for the best results. It even has a self-cleaning function as well as being a gorgeous appliance for your home kitchen. The vintage inspired oven dials are such a nice touch giving it a real high end look.

Bertazzoni Professional 120

bertazzoni professional 120 cooker in yellow

This mighty machine deserves a mention! Not only a magnificent shade of yellow that would make the perfect centre piece in your kitchen, it’s a functional, electric range cooker ideal for large families. There are two large ovens with a total of 11 functions to tailor the cooking style to your dish with real time updates on temperature control and the functions in use. The oven doors are fitted to minimise heat loss with soft-motion hinges and anti-slam closing for comfortable cooking. Up top, you have six brass burners including one dual ring burner. Super useful for when you have multiple pots and pans on the go!

Bertazzoni Modern Series Up and Down Hood

bertazzoni black island up and down oven hood

What’s instantly most striking about this kitchen hood is its slick modern design but once you hear about all of its practical features, you’ll fall even more in love. This island mount up and down hood operates on different speed settings, aluminium filters, LED downlighting to help you see what you’re doing and’re going to love this...a remote control! You can operate and adjust your hood settings with ease from the hand held remote.

Why Choose Bertazzoni?

Bertazzoni cookers are versatile. There will be a Bertazzoni to fit any style of kitchen and any type of cook - whether you’re a seasoned pro, or a budding home chef, Bertazzoni will meet your needs. With sizes varying from 60cm to 120cm and even built-in options, space isn’t a worry when choosing a Bertazzoni.
 Built to last with extreme efficiency, Bertazzoni are a fantastic investment for your kitchen. The fan technology delivers optimal heat distribution and speedier heat-up times make the cooking process seamless.


Bertazzoni Green

Since moving with the times and changing from wood burning stoves to gas over 50 years ago, Bertazzoni have made conscious efforts to be considerate of their impact on the environment. They do so by using recycled materials where possible in their designs, with an emphasis on using stainless steel and other metals  where possible rather than plastic. 

Not only is the production a key area that the brand has looked to streamline environmental impact on, but they also design their kitchen appliances with this mindset.  The various cooking functions on each oven allows for only the absolute necessary heat and gas to be used for cooking. Clever technology helps these appliances to produce a low carbon monoxide output and run with efficient combustion to minimise environmental damage where possible. 

For us, it's so important that the brands who we choose to work with care about their impact on the surrounding ecosystem and are proactive in taking the steps for better change. Well done Bertazzoni! 

For more information on the Bertazzoni models and makes that we stock you can view our full collection here. Bertazzoni also have hobs if you're wanting somethig a bit more compact. You can also pop into our Princes Street store in Perth to view some of our show models and kit your kitchen with all of the cooking accessories you could possibly need.
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