An Introduction to AGA

An Introduction to AGA

The instantly recognisable AGA is a large cast iron cooker with several levels, ovens and cooking options. They have been a staple of British homes up and down the country since 1930. You buy an AGA in a range of colours and sizes to suit your kitchen and it will generally boast a roasting oven, simmering oven and 1 or 2 hot plates. You can also opt for a larger AGA which can have anywhere from 3 to 5 ovens. 

An AGA is a heat storage cooker; this means that the core of the cooker generates heat and this is shifted around the oven onto all the surfaces, each oven and hotplate. The traditional AGA models are designed to stay on all the time and don’t have switches or dials and cannot be turned off. This means an AGA is a permanent source of heat in your kitchen.

  1. Brief history of AGA cookers
  2. AGA Models: Review
    AGA 60
    Traditional AGA
    AGA Duel Control
  3. Cost of buying & running an AGA
    Initial costs
    Running costs
  4. Why choose an AGA?
  5. AGA accessories & options 
  6. Rayburn by AGA`
aga cooker in white

A Brief History of AGA 

Originally an invention hailing from Sweden, the AGA has been manufactured in the UK since 1957. It was invented by Gustaf Dalen in 1922, originally to burn coal or anthracite. However, during an earlier invention Dalen had become blinded. When at home he realised how tired his wife was from cooking all the time. Dalen, blinded, decided he would invent a cooker for his wife that would be easy for her to use and still allow her to use a range of culinary techniques. 

The key principle of the AGA was heat storage, Dalen combined this with two large hot plates and two large ovens to create the very first AGA. It was then introduced to the UK market in 1929 and manufactured there under license from the 1930s.

The cooker castings were made in Coalbrookdale foundry until 2017, in Shropshire. They've been making cast iron parts since 1708 and one of the oldest foundry's in Europe.

AGA Models 


Over the years, AGA has evolved its models to meet changing culinary and lyfestyle needs. Let's take a close look at some of the main AGA models and their features.

AGA 60

The AGA 60 is a compact option designed for smaller kitchens. At 60 cm wide, it offers the iconic AGA hotplate and two cast iron ovens, perfect for roasting, baking, and simmering. Despite its size, the AGA 60 retains the classic AGA design and cooking capabilities.

small aga cooker in cream

  • Includes 1 iconic hotplate 
  • Provides gentle heat into your room
  • Two cast iron ovens which remain on at all times 
  • Classic AGA design or more contemporary design 

Traditional AGA 

The traditional AGA design has stood the test of time. With two or more ovens and hotplates, the traditional AGA remains a constant source of heat in the kitchen. Its cast iron build efficiently spreads and stores heat, allowing for perfect cooking without drying or burning. It offers a classic AGA look with the option for gas and electric models.

  • Gas & electric models available 
  • A truly classic AGA look 
  • This AGA will come with two ovens as a standard however certain series’ will come with three or even four ovens 
  • 1-2 hotplates 
  • The ovens always remain on and are a constant source of heat 

AGA Dual Control

The AGA Dual Control is a stunning centerpiece for large kitchens. Available in three or five oven models, it offers the flexibility of a gas oven with a choice of electric or gas hob. The Dual Control AGA's hotplates can be controlled individually or turned off completely, reducing running costs and providing greater control over cooking.

large aga cooker in white
  • Three or five oven models 
  • More flexibility than a classic AGA oven - you can choose from a state of the art induction hob or a warming plate
  • 2 hotplates 
  • Available as all electric or dual fuel 
  • Hotplates can be controlled individually or turned off completely 
  • Reduced running costs  
  • Electric models have a ‘low energy’ setting

AGA Dual Control

The AGA Dual Control is a stunning centerpiece for large kitchens. Available in three or five oven models, it offers the flexibility of a gas oven with a choice of electric or gas hob. The Dual Control AGA's hotplates can be controlled individually or turned off completely, reducing running costs and providing greater control over cooking.

AGA eR Series

The eR Series models represent the latest evolution of AGA cookers. With programmable settings, these models offer lower running costs while retaining the iconic AGA warmth and cooking capabilities. The eR Series features two cast-iron ovens, one for roasting or baking and the other for simmering. It's a perfect blend of traditional AGA elements with modern energy efficiency.

AGA Modules 

Adding an AGA module extends the versatility of the cooker. You can choose to either integrate this with your main cooker or keep it freestanding in your kitchen. 

aga module in lilac

  • Choose from a freestanding or integrated module 
  • Choose from; a slow cooked oven, integrated grill, a fan oven and a four-zone gas or electric ceramic hob 
  • Stunning enamel colour options

AGA Range Cooker Colours 

The great thing about AGA cookers is the range of incredible colours they come in. Meaning you can find the perfect AGA to suit your kitchen. Shop homely pastel colours to bright and beautiful - you’ll find an AGA that will really bring some colour to your kitchen. 

AGA temperature 

The AGAs background warmth will spread throughout your home, specifically keeping your kitchen warm and eradicating the need for a radiator. The radiant heat keeps flavour and moisture locked into your food. 

Its cast iron build means heat can be stored and spread in the AGA efficiently, giving it the ability to cook food to perfection without food drying or burning. 

Temperatures vary model by model; however the industry standard sits at around 250 degrees in the roasting oven, 190 in the baking oven, 140 in the simmering oven and 85 in the warming oven. Allowing for easier and more streamlined cooking. There is a thermostat inside the AGA which means the temperatures can remain constant and consistent. 

The Benefits of AGA Cookers

Choosing an AGA cooker brings a range of benefits to your kitchen and home:

  • Radiant Heat: AGA cookers use radiant heat that preserves flavors and moisture in food, providing exceptional cooking results.
  • Versatility: AGA cookers are multipurpose, eliminating the need for other kitchen appliances like microwaves or toasters.
  • Warmth: The AGA's background warmth spreads throughout the kitchen, providing comfort and potentially reducing heating costs.
  • Diverse Fuel Choices: AGA offers a range of fuel choices to suit your preferences and environmental concerns.
  • Build Quality: AGA cookers are known for their superb build quality, ensuring durability and reliability.

Costs of buying & running an AGA

Cost of an AGA range cooker 

An AGA cooker ranges in price depending on how many ovens, hot plates and which model you would like. With an AGA you are buying a lifetime purchase. A traditional, classic cooker that will cook you endless meals. A new two oven AGA will cost you at least £8,000. They are not the cheapest range cookers to buy, however with the AGA you pay for quality. AGA costs will also include delivery and installation into your kitchen as well. 

AGA running costs 

Trying to figure out how much your AGA will cost to run can be difficult due to the various flue types and models you can choose from.  Almost 60% of the AGAs you buy now are programmable which means you can turn them off when you sleep, go on holiday or when you are working which can save around 25% on running costs. 

You may also eliminate the need for other kitchen appliances for example a microwave or toaster as the seamless functionality of the AGA will eradicate this from your day-to-day life. Keeping your kitchen warm could also save on other heating costs as well, especially in winter. 

  • An AGA generally ​​radiates 1 ⅕ kilowatts per hour when at full cooking temperature 
  • The 2‐oven 13‐amp AGA uses weekly around 220 kilowatts (kW) of electricity;
  • The 3‐oven 13‐amp AGA, 240 kW  
  • The 4‐oven 13‐amp AGA, 270 kw

AGA strive to continue to build their cookers as sustainably as possible. The true beauty of an AGA is that they are designed to last for decades, you’ll not need to replace your AGA for a long time, if ever, saving you more money in the long run. 

AGA vs. Conventional Oven: Making the Choice

When comparing AGA cookers to conventional ovens, there are several factors to consider:

  • Cooking Capabilities: AGAs excel at traditional cooking methods like roasting and baking while also accommodating modern techniques.
  • Energy Efficiency: Newer electric AGA models offer improved energy efficiency and reduced running costs. This is helped by their 'locks in heat quality'.
  • Versatility: AGA cookers' multipurpose nature eliminates the need for additional kitchen appliances and heaters - they also have diverse fuel choices.
  • Warmth: The AGA's radiant heat provides warmth not only to the kitchen but also adjacent rooms and the entire home.
  • Durability: AGAs are built to last which means if you take good care of your AGA they are renowned for their durability and reliability.
  • Size: AGA's can often be larger than traditional cookers.

    AGA accessories & optional extras 

    AGA Hoods

    aga hood in green

    These are designed to complement your AGA cooker and come in a variety of colours. You can choose from a slab hood or a pitch hood. These hoods create an ideal cooking set-up, clearing steam, fumes and odours quickly and efficiently. The hoods also come with remote controls. 

    AGA loaf pans 

    aga loaf pan with bread in oven

    Hand-finished, made from silver anodised Aluminium Alloy resulting in even baking and reduced cooking times. 

    AGA pan set 

    aga pan set on stove

    Crafted from superior stainless steel with an encapsulated base that conducts heat evenly. An extensive range from casserole and saucepans all ranging in size. A must-have essential to match your AGA cooker for those busy kitchen nights. 

    AGA Fridge Freezer 

    aga fridge freezer in black

    You can shop from several AGA fridge freezer models that range in size, colour and functionality. Choose a fridge freezer with stacks of space or one with an interchangeable section that you can switch between freezer and fridge. There’s no end to the additional AGA products you can add to your home for a seamless, high-functioning kitchen.   

    Rayburn by AGA 

    rayburn cooker by aga in blue


    Rayburn has been a part of the AGA family for 75 years. The Rayburn offers central heating alongside its range cooker, and sometime hot water. This saves you on having to install and maintain a boiler in your home. 

    Rayburn’s are cast iron like the AGA with an enamelled finish and cook just like an AGA cooker. 

    Central heating cast iron range cookers. Certain models of Rayburn can also provide you with hot water and central heating, which saves you having to install and maintain a boiler in your home. They were made by AGA in the same factory in Shropshire and are a great choice if you live out in the country or in a rural area. Rayburn's are compatible with a range of fuels for example’ wood, briquettes and coal. 

    Final thoughts

    If you're seeking a traditional yet versatile cooking solution for your kitchen, AGA cookers offer a timeless appeal. With a range of models catering to various needs and preferences, AGA provides a blend of heritage and modern convenience. From the classic AGA design to the latest electric models, the AGA cooker continues to be a beloved centrepiece in British homes, offering exceptional cooking results and a source of warmth for generations to come.

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