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An Introduction to Lacanche

200 years ago in the small french village of Lacanche a foundry was established where range cookers have been handcrafted since its conception. Bought over by former employee André Augagneur in 1981, Lacanche have continued to be driven by strong family values and a strong desire to create high quality, long lasting range cookers.

Renowned worldwide as sleek, and durable range cookers Lacanche have obtained prestigious clientele such as the influential chef and TV star Raymond Blanc. Lacanche allows their customers to customise many aspects of their cookers to make it very personal, allowing for a beautiful centerpiece to any kitchen.

We are going to take a dive into the rich history of Lacanche and take a look at all the amazing features and customisation options available, to see if a Lacanche cooker may suit your culinary needs.

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History of Lacanche Range Cookers 

French Origins 

Lacanche has firm French Origins, being handcrafted in one of the four districts of Côte d’Or - a region of Burgandy. Lacanche is surrounded by rolling hills, luscious greenery and contains iron rich earth which allowed them to get a strong foothold in the beautiful region. Lacanche range cookers identify with local life as some of their cookers are named after nearby regional villages such as; The Cluny and Beaune.

 Lacanche has always followed the mantra of creating high quality and lasting stove tops. The implicit simplicity of  Lacanche is long lasting legacy. When André Augagneur (a former employee) bought over the company in 1981 he continued with the same drive whilst expanding upon the foundation of integrity, pride and family values that were entrenched in the history of Lacanche. To this day the Augagneur family still carries on this ethos whilst also employing over 200 workers.

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Lacanche Across The UK

Lacanche have been selling range cookers in the uk successfully for almost 20 years. Many respected UK chefs, cooks and journalists use these outstanding cookers. Simon Rogan is one of these chefs. Rogan is a British chef who opened the restaurant “L'Enclume'' which holds three Michelin stars and five AA Rosettes. Another of these British chefs is Kevin Woodford - The youngest head of department at one of England’s most prestigious colleges. Woodford cooks on a Lacanche range cooker in his Hotel on the Isle of man. It is widely used due to the professional performance this phenomenal cooker offers.

Lacanche is available from over 50 dealers in the UK.

Lacanche Range Cooker: Reviews 

Lacanche Rully

lacanche rully in purple
  • If space is an issue, then the Lachanche Rully is the perfect Range cooker for you
  • Sitting at only 70cm wide with a 27 litre electric oven and grill, the Rully offers all the functionality and quality of other range cookers in a dainty form.
  • The Rully has three hobs with varying power and size offering versatility when choosing how you want to cook
  • The Rully can be ordered for natural or LPG gas


Lacanche Chalonnais

lacanche chalonnais in brown
  • Offering a comfortable sized range cooker, the Chalonnais sits at 140cm wide with two large ovens
  • The ovens can be specified to gas, electric, static or convection fan
  • Both the ovens are also equipped with a grill allowing for more versatility in your cooking
  • The Chalonnais has multiple hobs on top, as well as optional space for two extra features such as additional burners, induction plates or an electric plancha allowing you to really personalize your range cooker to your own wants and needs
  • The Chalonnais can be ordered for natural or LPG gas

Lacanche Citeaux 


lachance citeaux in black
  • One of the larger sized range cookers that Lacanche offers - the Citeaux sits at over a metre in width
  • The Citeaux holds two main ovens, one being a vertical 65 litre convection oven with grill functionality. The other oven can be specified as gas, static electric or as a dual function oven.
  • The Citeaux also has a 79 litre simmer oven which offers many more ways to use your oven such as a plate warmer, holding food and slow cooking
  • The Citeaux offers the choice of three hob tops, two being gas with an additional induction. 
  • The Citeaux also has space for two extra hob elements such as a multi-cooker or a chargrill
  • The Citreaux range cooker is an extremely popular range cooker as it offers a lot of flexibility with its varying oven sizes, settings and hob options
  • The Citreaux range cooker can be ordered for natural or LPG gas and even all electric

Lacanche Vezelay


lacanche vezelay in yellow
  • The Vezelay is the largest range cooker offered by Lacanche, measuring in at 2.205 metres
  • The Vezelay comes with two large ovens which can specified as gas, static electric or convection, each electric oven is equipped with a grill
  • In addition to the two main ovens the Vezelay also has two 79 litre simmer ovens allowing for many different uses such as plate warming, holding food and slow cooking
  • The simmer ovens also have the option to be dual function with an added grill feature
  • When purchasing the Vezelay you have the option of three hobs (two being gas and one induction) as well as having space for up to four more integrated hob elements such as a chargrill, extra burners, fryer, multi cooker and induction plates
  • The Vezelay range cooker can be ordered for natural or LPG gas as well as an all electric option


Lacanche Range Cost  

You may find yourself spending slightly more, however this is due to the fact that you are not only paying for quality but also for a really personal range cooker. 

A Lacanche will last considerably longer than your average cooker, and will hopefully require less repairs. 

The average Lacanche range cooker is £5000 with smaller models going for as low as £2000 and the larger models being sold for up to £14000. The pricing does change from each Lacanche as the process is heavily personalised allowing for many different variations, add-ons and options to choose from. This can raise or lower the price but allow for a cooker that fits your needs and aesthetics.

For Price and stock enquiries please contact us here.

You can also customise your own Lacanche in our online cooker builder.


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Why choose Lacanche? 

    Lacanche is a stellar choice when you are looking for a new range cooker, with their ethos of creating beautiful, top quality cookers you will be able to cook whatever you want, how you want. The extra duty of care put into every handcrafted cooker makes for a long lasting chic addition to your kitchen.

    Lacanche allows for a very large amount of customisation when choosing your cooker. This includes whether you want a full electric stove, dual fuel options, what extra integrated hob elements you want, a large choice of colours and more. This allows for a very personalised cooker which can fit into the theme of your kitchen and be a fantastic conversation piece as well as having fantastic functional use.

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    Lacanche accessories and add-ons

      They offer a wide range of accessories not just for your hob top, but also oven accessories. Quince & Cook also stock a wide array of  kitchen accessories that will compliment your cooker and your culinary experience. You can also find many special cookbooks on Quince & Cook allowing you to widen your horizon and try new recipes you would have never considered making before.

      Hob Top Accessories


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      Oven Accessories

        hygge oval enamel roasting dish

        Kitchen Accessories



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            Lacanche FAQs

              What colours do a Lacanche range cooker come in?

              Lacanche range cookers come with the option of many different colours. This means you can design your kitchen around your new Lacanche, or you can colour it according to your current kitchen aesthetic. This allows a Lacanche to blend in perfectly in any kitchen. Lacanche over many different shades of blue, red, green even neutral colours like black, white and slate. You can have a better look at their colour options here.

              lacanche cooker colour sheet

              Lacanche Range Cooker cleaning 

              brass saucepans on shelf

              When it comes to cleaning a Lacanche Range Cooker, you can hire a professional company that specialises in cleaning Lacanche, but it is also not incredibly difficult to maintain cleanliness yourself. Here are some tips on how to clean a Lacanche Range Cooker.

              • Allow the cooker to cool down, wiping down with a soapy cloth and then rinsing. Ensure the Lacanche is dry by turning it on for a few minutes
              • For the induction stove choice you can wipe it down with soapy water and a damp cloth or also use a glass surface cleaner if it is required
              • The pan stands (traditional hob and the simmer plate) are made of cast iron and an enamel finish, this means they will for the most part stay clean as they are subjected to high temperatures
              • A plastic scouring pad and detergent may be required for more heavy duty stains


              Lacanche maintenance & set up

                Lacanche do not setup your Range cooker for you, so you will have to find an external contractor to help safely install your new range cooker

                There are also several videos for setting up your extensions such as: 

                • Traditional Plate 
                • Portable Simmer Plate
                • Oven Racks and Pastry Sheets
                • Classique Cooktop
                • Wok Ring Attachment
                • Lacanche Reducing Trivet
                • Warming Racks
                • Spatter Guard for Plancha
                • The Flame Grill

                A list of these videos can be found here. Here is an example of how to setup your oven racks.


                Lacanche have their own licensed technicians that are available to do home visits to rectify any problems with your range cooker. Lacanche technicians are fully trained and are Gas Safe Registered. 

                Lacanche range cookers do not require an annual service to maintain correct functioning, though after the three year warranty period is up, an annual service may be wise to make sure there are no problems arising in your range cooker.

                For customers who’s Lacanche cooker is out of warranty there are two services available. These services are the Premier Service and the Extended Warranty.

                Premier Service

                The engineer will carry out a full service on your Lacanche Range Cooker and any parts that are required in this service will be at a 10% discount of the standard rate. A year's warranty will be added to cover all the mechanical parts. 

                Extended Warranty

                If your Lacanche three year warranty has expired recently you have the option to extend the warranty by a year. This warranty will cover all parts, technician callouts and breakdowns for a year . 

                Final thoughts on Lacanche 

                Want to find out more about Lacanche? Let's have a chat.

                  For us here at Quince & Cook, it is extremely important that we pick brands that offer quality products. Lacanche does just that, creating beautiful handcrafted products with years of experience and integrity. Also allowing for a huge amount of customisation which makes a Lacanche Range Cooker really personal.

                  For more information on the Lacanche models and makes that we stock you can view our full collection here. You can also pop into our Princes Street store in Perth to view some of our show models and kit your kitchen with all of the cooking accessories you could possibly need.

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