An Introduction to ILVE

An Introduction to ILVE

Venice, the city of scenic canals, stunning architecture and its signature gondolas. Located near one of the most beautiful cities in the world are ILVE. Established over 50 years ago, ILVE are fast-becoming one of the most popular range cooker brands of the modern age. Staying in line with the latest precision engineering and technical research it’s no wonder ILVE are becoming a household name. Handcrafted by talented Italian craftsmen, ILVE offers a wide variety of cookers in different sizes and styles, including contemporary, traditional and American style cookers.

Are ILVE Good Ovens

ILVE has a strong reputation for producing top-quality ovens, praised by both professionals and home cooks. ILVE ovens are designed to deliver consistent and reliable cooking performance, and they offer a variety of cooking options. 

ILVE incorporates advanced cooking technologies into their ovens, including convection cooking, precision temperature control and programmable settings. These help cooks be more precise and produce efficient cooking results.

What is the cost of buying and running ILVE Range cookers

ILVE Range cookers can vary in price depending on the size of the cooker, any hob add ons and which finish is used. The lowest price for an ILVE cooker is £2095.00 and the highest price is £11,810 with many models priced in between.

The average price for running an ILVE cooker as of August 2023 would be £0.26 per hour. This will depend on your area, or country of residence and local electricity prices. This will also vary slightly between different cookers due to size.


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How Long an ILVE Oven Takes to Heat Up

An oven that is slow to heat up is one of the most annoying things, especially when you're cooking on an empty stomach. ILVE Oven's fix this problem with their quick start function - this can allow you to preheat your oven to 200°C (350°F) in about 6-8 minutes. No more waiting around for your oven to heat up.

How to use an ILVE Range Cooker

Clock & Timer Control

  1. Adjusting or setting time:

Press both Pot  buttons at the same time then press the - or + buttons to adjust the time.

      2. Setting an Alarm

Hold the bell button and then ‘+’ until the required time is set. If you overshoot this you can press the ‘-’ to set the time backwards. If you see the bell symbol now active on the screen that means your alarm is active. You can check how long is left on your alarm by pressing the bell button. To return the alarm timer to your standard clock, you just have to press the bell button again.

ilve clock picture

ILVE Oven Settings Explained

  1. Press the  button. Enter the duration that you want to cook the item for by pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons.
  2. Press the  button. Select the time that you wish for the item to finish cooking by pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons. You will then need to select the mode and temperature using the proper knob selection.
ilve majestic control knob diagram


What is the lead time for ILVE Ranges

The average ILVE lead time depends on stock. Any special order models have a typical lead time of between 8-16 weeks. You don’t have to worry about the delivery process as a two person crew will unpack your product for you to inspect. You can organise your ILVE delivery on a day that suits you best as well.


ILVE Models

All ILVE models in the Roma, Torino and Milano Series come in sizes 60cm, 70cm, 90cm, 100cm, 120cm and 150cm. You can also have different hob settings including: induction, gas, induction and gas, coup de feu and fry top additions. 

Below are some of our favourite ILVE Models.

ILVE Torino 60cm - Single Oven - 4 Gas Burners

ilve torino 60cm, 4 gas burners in black
This ILVE Torino is just a baby oven. Sitting at 60cm, this oven features one main oven and 4 gas burners - making it the perfect fit for a smaller kitchen where you still want a cooker that looks good and cooks delicious meals effortlessly. This model comes in stainless steel, white, burgundy red, matt graphite and antique white.

ILVE Roma 100cm - Double Oven - 6 Zone Induction

ilve roma 100cm - double oven with 6 zone induction in stainless steel

The ILVE Roma 100cm Oven is a perfect cooker for a medium-large sized kitchen. The liberty of having two ovens is a life-changing experience.  The Ovens are a 60cm and 40 cm split and this cooker features a 6 zone induction, but can also be bought with 6 gas burners or 4 gas burners & coup de feu. These ovens come in stainless steel, white, matt graphite and gloss black.


ILVE Milano - 150cm - Double Oven - 7 Gas Burners with Frytop & Coup de Feu

ilve milano 150 cm with double oven, 7 gas burners, frytop, coup de feu

The Milano 150cm has absolutely everything you could ever want. Featuring a double oven, 7 gas burners, frytop and coup de feu - you won’t be stuck when crafting delicious meals. This oven is suited to a larger kitchen as most smaller kitchens just won’t be able to accommodate the size of this behemoth cooker. This stunning cooker comes in stainless steel, white, Matt Graphite and Gloss Black.

You can view our entire collection of ILVE cookers here


In Conclusion

ILVE embodies Italian craftsmanship and culinary innovation, offering models for kitchens of all sizes. From the elegant Torino 60cm, to the Grand Milano 150cm, each ILVE cooker blends tradition and precision engineering, delivering consistent results through advanced technologies. Beyond appliances, ILVE offers an investment that enriches kitchens and transforms them into the spaces you want them to be.

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