The Best Gas Range Brands

The Best Gas Range Brands

The feeling of cooking on a beautiful range cooker is like nothing else. Once you have a range cooker you never want to go back to a standard oven and hob. Personally, I love a gas stovetop compared to an induction top for its instant and precise control over the flame. Cooking with this traditional feel really brings out my inner chef.

It can be hard navigating which gas range cooker to choose from since there are so many on the market, all with varying styles, functionality, and price. We’ve pulled together our best list of brands and models that span across these different types of gas range cookers to help you find the perfect model for your kitchen.

Lacanche range cooker baby blue in a kitchen

Best Gas Stove Electric Oven Combo's


Bertazzoni are another worldwide renowned brand with beautifully crafted cookers utilising top-level engineering to bring sleek and functional cookers to kitchens since 1882. Bertazzoni are by no means cheap, but compared to some of the other brands mentioned they are a more affordable option while still providing a lot of the cooking functionality (if not more!) compared to other brands on the list. Bertazzoni are available in many different formats. If you are looking for a gas Bertazzoni, it will come in the form of a dual fuel cooker with the hob being gas powered and the inner ovens utilising electricity. You’ll getting the best of both worlds.

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ILVE are an Italian range cooker brand known for luxurious and stylish design. Their cookers are a perfect mix of cutting-edge engineering and bespoke craftsmanship. ILVE cookers are highly versatile, with many different presets, including dual fuel (electric oven, gas hob), coup de fou and fry top presets. ILVE cookers are a more affordable option compared to the next two brands we will be going over and should definitely be considered when you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen.

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High-End Gas Ranges


AGA is an iconic and enduring symbol of British culinary craftsmanship. Renowned for its distinctive design, AGA range cookers have graced kitchens worldwide for nearly a century. AGA’s have a unique heat storage system which keeps consistent and gentle warmth throughout multiple ovens and hotplates. AGA cookers are available in all fuel types, so acquiring a gas AGA will be no problem at all. AGA’s are on the more expensive end of range cookers, but despite allowing you to cook beautiful food their functionality doesn’t end there. They also can help reduce your heating bill by helping to heat your home.

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Lacanche are the premier choice if you are wanting to splash out on a range cooker. Established over 200 years ago in the beautiful French countryside, Lacanche have been fueled by their passion for creating high-quality and durable range cookers. Lacanche can be heavily customised and have a beautiful rustic look to them that will be able to fit both traditional and modern kitchens. Lacanche gives you the option of a Gas Oven, Static Electric Oven, or a Dual Function Oven and varying gas hob burners.

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Our Product Recommendations


bertazzoni professional range cooker in orange

Bertazzoni Professional Series - 100cm gas 6-burner electric oven

This beautiful Bertazzoni combines the best of both worlds, with a gas stovetop and an electric oven. Coming in 6 beautiful colours - this cooker could fit any style of kitchen and help you cook the tastiest of meals.

This beautiful range features 11 oven functions. These include convection, baking, grilling and warming. Features a thermometer on the control panel with Triple-Glass doors to help minimise heat loss.

bertazzoni mini range in black

Bertazzoni Master Series - 60cm Gas 4-Burner with Electric Oven

This little powerhouse is the perfect fit for anyone with a small kitchen. Retaining it's beautiful style and amazing cooking power, you can slot this Bertazzoni Master Series cooker into any kitchen.

This cooker also has eleven functions, including Pizza functions, and fast-preheat making it extremely versatile for it's dainty size.

ilve torino 90cm range cooker in black

ILVE Torino 90cm - Single Oven with 6 Gas-Burners

The beautiful Torino is one of ILVE's most popular collections. With all the functionality, this 90cm model is a perfect size for most avid home chef's. Coming with 6 Gas burners and an electric oven with many different presets - this cooker is perfect for a home chef with a little bit of space.

aga range cooker in purple dual control

AGA Dual Control Dual Fuel 100

If you're looking for a premium Gas Cooker, then look no further than this AGA Dual Control 100. There is a reason AGA are a fan favourite. This model features 3 cast-iron ovens and 2 hotplates all running on gas and cooks using radiant heat.
lacanche saulieu range cooker in navy blue

Lacanche Saulieu 1105mm

Lacanche cookers are absolutely stunning and the process of choosing your dream cooker bit by bit is extremely satisfying. This is one of the larger models by Lacanche and has many options to select from. For the large oven you can select from, gas, static or dual function electric. 
These are our top picks for Gas Stoves. If you have any questions any of the cookers or brands mentioned then feel free to get in touch by clicking below.


Cooking on a premium gas range cooker offers precision and a traditional culinary experience. To simplify your search, we've curated top brands and models:

  • Bertazzoni: Known for its affordability and functionality.
  • ILVE: Offers stylish designs with budget-friendly options.
  • AGA: An iconic British brand with a unique heat storage system.
  • Lacanche: Ideal for those seeking a customizable, high-end range cooker.
If you want to find out more about the range cooker brands mentioned, you can read our other blogs below.