Art Fiesta: Our Top Picks to Spice Up Your Walls

Art Fiesta: Our Top Picks to Spice Up Your Walls

Hey there my Quince & Cookies! There is nothing worse than empty walls - but it’s a blank canvas for you to fill with goodness. Your home is a sanctuary and a great way to show off your personality. We all love making our home a part of us and a great way to do that is with wall art. Here are our top picks for you to peruse - hopefully you find something you like!

Our Top Picks

Can Full of Sardinas - Risograph Print

Taste the ocean with this beautiful Sardinas print. The technique used to create this print means each one is slightly different, so you get a unique and charming print.

Can of Pomodori - Risograph Print

I’m sure we’re all guilty of using tomatoes in a lot of our cooking, so why not get them on your wall as well. The technique used to create this is the same as the Sardinas print which means you get a beautifully unique piece of wall art.

Maliv Fouiller a Nuit Print

This print is absolutely stunning. Created by Marion Livran, this piece exudes sophistication and a lot of emotion.  Marion has invited us to reconnect with the elements, to find our light and above all express the part of divinity that is hidden in us all.


Studio Roof - 3D Model Kits

3D Model Selection
Studio Roof has an array of charming 3d model kits that come in all different shapes and sizes! These colourful beauties are great for any room and you can even place them on a shelf or mantle piece. I highly recommend taking a browse through the entire collection as they have a lot of diversity and they're one of our favourite items to stock.

You can view the entire collection here.

Rosebud framed art print

This Rosebud Framed art print can only be described as refreshing. It’s always nice to bring a bit of nature into your home and this print does a beautiful job - coming with a wooden frame this piece would be perfect to hang up and add a bit of calm to any room.

Lovers #1 Art Print 30x40

Lovers #1 art print
The Lovers #1 print by Marc Palmade is one of our favourite prints. A minimalist piece that invokes the emotion of love would be a perfect addition to your home's sanctum and is a reminder of intimacy and love.

 There you have our top picks - we hope something tickled your fancy and as always thank you so much for reading.

If you'd like to browse our entire collection of wall art - click here

Have a blessed day - Quince & Cook xox