Bertazzoni Oven Settings Explained

Bertazzoni Oven Settings Explained

Bertazzoni Ovens are some of the most popular cookers on the market, and it’s no wonder why. They are highly engineered, beautiful and the perfect assistant for cooking delicious meals. There are 10 different Bertazzoni Oven Settings all with their own niche. In this blog we’ll be giving you the lowdown on what each one is best for, and what happens when you select that setting.

Standard Oven Function For Bertazzoni Ovens


Bake is a jack of all trades. This setting can be used for most dishes and is recommended for baking and roasting - perfect for a Sunday roast or delicious Victoria Sponge. You can use a food probe in this setting to ensure your food is cooked to perfection.

To use, select the bake symbol, and then choose your temperature with the oven control knob or the touch control smart button. You can select a temperature between 100°F and 500°F on this oven setting. This setting works by activating the upper and lower heating elements allowing for anything being cooked or baked inside to be equally cooked from above and below. 

Convection Bake 

Convection Bake is similar to the standard bake, recommended for multi-level baking and roasting. Meat and poultry are perfect for this setting. Convection bake can also reduce cooking time by up to 10% so you can get your yummy food cooked faster. You can check the food with a food probe in this setting as well to make sure it is ready for consumption.

To use Convection Bake, select the corresponding symbol, then once again you can select the temperature (between 100°F - 500°F) using the control knob, or touch control panel. Like the Bake setting, Convection Bake works through activating upper and lower heating elements allowing for the content to be cooked or baked equally above and below.


The Convection setting on a Bertazzoni Oven is exactly what you need when you’re making some decadent cakes or pastry. It is also an option for multi-level baking or roasting. Similar to Convection Bake, the Convection setting can reduce cooking time by up to 10%. Food Probes can still be used in this setting to ensure the inside of your cakes are completely baked and fluffy.

To use Convection select the corresponding symbol, and you can then choose a temperature between 100°F and 500°F.  Convection works by activating circular heating elements and activating the convection fan. This allows for hotter and faster cooking.

Turbo - The Bertazzoni Pizza Setting

Turbo, promptly referred to as the ‘Bertazzoni Pizza Setting (maybe my favourite setting), is perfect for multi-level baking, roasting, bread, focaccia and Pizza. Turbo also boasts a reduced cooking time of up to 10%, and you can still use a food probe in Turbo.

To use Turbo select the corresponding symbol, and you can then choose a temperature between 100°F and 500°F.  Turbo activates the upper heating element, the circular heating element and the convection fan. No wonder it’s called turbo!

Here is a Bertazzoni Official guide on cooking a pizza in a Bertazzoni.



Broil is the preferred setting for searing, or roasting small cuts of beef, pork, poultry and for some grilled veg (yum). You can still use a food probe for the Broil setting.

To use Broil, select the Broil symbol and then select between 4 power settings. With the lowest setting being 1, and the highest being 4. Broil activates the specific broil element within the oven.


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Convection Broil

Convection Broil is relatively similar to the standard Broil setting, but fit’s more of a niche usage. If you are wanting to broil food that is too tender to turn, brown fish or thicker cuts of steaks - then Convection Broil is the perfect setting for you to use. Food probes can still be used in Convection Broil.

To use broil, choose the corresponding symbol, and then select between the same 4 power settings as the Broil setting (between 1-4, 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest).

Defrost / Dehydrate

Defrost / Dehydrate is a relatively self explanatory setting. The ideal function for dehydrating fruit, herbs and vegetables or to defrost frozen food.

In defrost mode, no heating elements are on, but the convection fan is.

In dehydrate mode the temperature is maintained at 100°F and the lower heating element is activated.


Even a proofing function? Bertazzoni oven settings have everything. Ideal for proofing your dough. Best practices would be to place your dough in a bowl and cover it with a clean towel for perfect proofing.

This setting works by staying at a low constant heat power and activates the lower heating element to help proof your dough.


Warming is the perfect function for warming up food or plates. Nothing make’s dinner a bit better than a warm plate to help keep the food hot (though please make sure you still use oven gloves to take it out - just in case). You can use the warming program in Sabbath mode during religious observance.

To use the Warming setting, select the corresponding symbol and then select one of three preset temperatures. Level 1 (140°F), Level 2 (170°F), or Level 3 (200°F). When the warming setting is turned on it activates the lower heating element for a suitable warming air to waft up the cavity.


Make cleaning your oven easier with Bertazzoni Clean setting. You can choose between two modes for the cleaning cycle. They activate the lower heating element and the broil element and will leave some residue which may require some hands on cleaning. When the oven is cold use a damp paper towel, sponge or cloth to finish off the cleaning process. Now admire your squeaky clean Bertazzoni.

There are the Bertazzoni Oven Setting explained. If you have any questions about Bertazzoni cookers get in touch with us.

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