Foodie Gift Guide | A Q&C Christmas

Foodie Gift Guide | A Q&C Christmas

Buying Christmas gifts can be a stressful endeavour - Especially for foodies. With mountains of cookbooks and kitchen gadgets at their disposal, it begs the question.. What do you buy a foodie?

We’ve got you covered here at Quince & Cook. We are a purveyor of niche and quaint cooking, baking and edible goodies. Our List includes luxury gifts for budding (and experienced) chefs, delicious recipe books for all palates, some less pricey gifts and of course a mini vegan gift guide. Happy Shopping! ❄️

Great Gifts For Cooking Lovers

Tokyo Stories: A Japanese Cookbook

If you're foodie is looking for some fresh inspiration (and you want treated to some delicious food), then Tokyo Stories may be the perfect option. From traditional classics like ramen and tempura, to Tokyo twists on imports like Korean Barbecue and Italian Pizza. Yummy!

Everdure Cube Portable Charcoal BBQ

Although it isn't the weather for a BBQ (unless you're having an Australian Christmas!), nothing quite beats it. The Everdure will let your masterchef enjoy delicious authentic charcoal cooking wherever whenever. Not only does the Everdure look beautiful and compact, it also lives up it's design in use. 

Italian SP150 Double Cutter Pasta Machine

 This heavy duty Pasta machine is the perfect kitchen assistant for beautifully fresh fettuccini, lasagne, or tagliatelle! This bougie machine also let's you choose up to 6 different sizes of thickness and comes with a detachable wooden handle for easy storage. Don't worry about it sliding around either as it also has a tabletop screw clamp which keeps the user in control.



 Red Wine & Bay Leaf Salt

Add a little something extra to their pantry with this delicious Red wine & bay leaf salt. This salt is an absolute star in the kitchen and adds something unique to meals. This would pair best with meat, fish, vegetables or pasta dishes. Not only does it taste amazing, but it can add a beautiful aesthetic touch to meals as well.

View our kitchen collection here for more ideas.

Christmas Gift Ideas For a Baker

 DJ BBQs Backyard Baking

Baking on a BBQ? A bizarre concept, but Christian Stevenson shows it can be absolutely divine! The ultimate cheeseburger with homemade brioche buns, a live fire sourdough loaf? The possibilities are endless.


Blackbird Porcelain Pie Funnel

Is your baker a fan of a good ol' pie? This traditional victorian styled blackbird pie funnel is made of premium porcelain and makes the perfect vent for those delicious pies. Say goodbye to soggy bases, and hello to crispy goodness.


Silicone Icing Bag

Say goodbye to needless waste. This reusable silicone icing bag saves unnecessary plastic being used to ice those fluffy cakes. Simply cut to the size as required and use with or without icing nozzles. The only extra step is a little handwash after use and then you're good to go!

View our selection of baking goods here.

Vegan Christmas Gifts

Spicebox: 100 Curry House Favourites Made Vegan

Incredible flavour, an array of colours, and plant-based goodness. The Vegan in your life will absolutely love 100 fresh Vegan curry house recipes. Whether it's a midweek dinner or a weekend feast - there's a vegan curry for all occasions!


Coop's Vegan Hot Fudge Sauce

If you want to gift the most decadent condiment of all (and dangerous! yum) then this is the perfect gift. The sauce is ideal for use in desserts, sundaes but there's no judging if you take the spoon right to it!


Creamy Hazelnut Vegan Chocolate

If you want to gift a nice tasty treat, then this may be the right option for you (or at least a good stocking filler). With crunchy bits of roasted hazelnut and delectable creamy plant-based chocolate this is a prime choice for a vegan with a sweet tooth.

Browse our full vegan Christmas selection here.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found the perfect gift for your foodie - if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us! If you haven't found the perfect gift just yet, why not browse the rest of our products? 

Merry Christmas! 

Quince & Cook x

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