Wrap It Right: Jazz It Up With Unique Present Toppers

Wrap It Right: Jazz It Up With Unique Present Toppers

Hello Quince & Cookies, 'tis the season now! Cozy evenings, hot drinks, and plenty of laughter. It's the perfect time to show some love to your favorite people with thoughtful gifts. And what better way to make those gifts memorable than wrapping them up beautifully? Let's keep it simple and practical to make this holiday season special.

An easy way to make your gift wrapping look better is to utilise present toppers.  

What are Present Toppers?

A present topper is a fancy decoration that you put on top of a wrapped gift. It's the extra touch that makes the gift look even more special. They're just not there to look good; they add a personal touch that can complete the gift. The three components for a beautifully wrapped gift are: Beautiful paper, ravishing ribbons and tasteful toppers.

Let's get into some of our tips and suggestions for picking the perfect present topper for your loved ones.

Honeycomb Christmas Present Toppers

Pick a theme

Start by picking a theme that's easy to pull off. Match your wrapping paper and topper. This theme can be something they're interested in, something related to the gift or a funny inside joke. You can also use a neutral wrapping paper and add any relevant gift topper! Here are some simple ideas for themes with some topper suggestions:


Keep it simple this Christmas using festive wrapping paper - for toppers you could use:

  • Candy Canes
  • Jingle Bells
  • Cinnamon Sticks (they smell great!)

 cinnamon and dried citrus


Nature inspired wrapping paper could be combined with anything and can allow for beautiful colours to create a soothing gift.

  • Mini-wreaths
  • Dried Citrus slices
  • Dried Flowers

Silver Stag Double Sided Wrapping Paper


Buying gifts for an ocean lover? Some beautiful nautical themed wrapping paper would go well with:

  • Seashells
  • A Mini Anchor
  • Nautical knots
  • Ship Wheel Ornament


Wrapping up a new set of kitchen knives for your chef? You could add a personal touch to the wrapping with a food theme!

  • Edible toppers (Be wary of any cat's or dog's )
  • Miniature Kitchen Utensils
  • Mini Chef's hat
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Wooden Cooking Spoon


Red snowflake tin cookie cutter

General Topper Ideas

  • Origami - A small origami decoration can show you've gone the extra mile and created something pretty just for the gift!

  • Personal Touch - Add Charms related to their hobbies, not only will it look beautiful it will also be an extra little gift for them.
  • Memorable Miniatures - A little Lego figure of the recipient can not only show who's gift it is but also give everyone a good laugh. You can do that on Lego's site here.
  • Ribbons - A staple option which gives you a beautiful very pristine looking present! The art for Ribbons is thinking how to use it.

Engage the Senses - Think Scents!

Why stop at visuals? Considering adding some scents to your gift. A spritz of their favourite aftershave? A touch of lavender - you can choose anything they like! Just plan ahead to make sure the scent sticks. Applying the scent on Christmas Eve will ensure that the extra bit of love put into the gift wrapping stays for the recipient.

Wrap It Right - A Bit of Practical Magic

You can't forget the wrapping itself. Going a little bit extra here can really make the difference in the aesthetics of a gift! You can view our curated collection of Wrapping Paper, Ribbons and Christmas Cards here.

  1. Paper Matters - Buying High-Quality Paper really makes a difference when wrapping up a gift. 
  2. The Finishing Touch - Personalise it with a handwritten tag or even some beautiful stickers.
  3. Reuse and Recycle - Use old maps, newspaper, or brown paper for an eco-friendly touch this Christmas.
  4. Technique - If you're wrapping skills aren't the best get educated! This 2 minute guide is fantastic and can give your presents a real professional look.


Ready to Wrap?

Now it's time to make your gifts stand out. Don't forget to capture those happy moments when your loved ones open these nicely wrapped presents. The joy of giving is in the details, and you've just added a bit of magic to your holiday celebrations. Happy Gifting.

If you need any idea's for Christmas this year feel free to head over to our Christmas Section.