A Quince & Cook Winter Night In

A Quince & Cook Winter Night In

As the winter winds gently tap on your window, the allure of a cosy night in becomes irresistible. Picture this: a warm and inviting sanctuary, the fire lit and beautiful smells wafting around. Comfort takes the centre stage whilst snowflakes fall gently outside. The room is aglow with the flicker of candles and you are snuggled up in your favourite spot.

Keep Warmth

Your hand cradles a steaming cup of hot chocolate, velvet and sweet. You take a sip and the warmth spreads throughout your body. You light a candle to really set the mood and to get some fragrant smells spreading through your senses. You snuggle up under a blanket and watch the snow fall outside your window.

hot chocolate bomb


Hot Chocolate Bombe in a box - £4.50

Winter Self-Care

With your hot chocolate now finished, it's time for some winter self-care. You don a luxurious warming face mask, feeling it's soothing embrace on your skin. You recline whilst you are transported to a realm of relaxation, melting away all your stresses. Now thoroughly relaxed, it's time to give your skin a bit of love. Donning a skin face mask, your skin indulges in the nutrients, becoming soothed and nourished leaving you positively glowing. 

elf eyes self heating mask

Elf Eyes: Self Heating Eye Mask - £3.95

Winter Movie Night

Now it's time for some movies. A comfort film can be ideal, you know you'll already like it and it can bring back some beautiful memories. You may also opt to put on a classic film. A winter tradition of mine is to watch "It's a Wonderful Life". Once your film is decided you bring out your marshmallow set, toasting them to golden perfection as you settle in for your movie. After Marshmallows it's time for the raclette. Melting cheese to gooey perfection, each bite a testament to the simplicity of winter pleasures. As time moves on and the winter winds get stronger, it's time for your hot water bottle to maximise warmth and relaxation on this cold winter night.

Naked marshmallow toasting set

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Top Picks For Some Winter Self-Care

Recycled Wool Small Blanket in Rust Herringbone - £52.00

Pigs in Blankets Nuts - £5.95

Liberty Strawberry Thief Hot Water Bottle - £39.95

Atlantic Kelp & Organic Matcha Face Mask

Milk Jar Candle Co. Cranberry, Clove & Pine Coconut soy Candle - £27.00