Our Top 5 Interior Design Trends for Spring 2020

Our Top 5 Interior Design Trends for Spring 2020

Spring is finally upon us! And what a wonderful time of the year it is. A time for setting goals, putting plans into action and the inevitable spring clean - we’ll tackle that one another day! However, today let’s get your creative juices flowing and inspiration thriving as we chat about our top 5 interior design trends for Spring 2020. 

Trend #1 - The Return of Raw & Rustic 

We’re very excited to see more rustic vibes creeping into homes.  Incorporating natural textures into your home adds such a warm and cosy feeling and instantly makes us think of a country cottage. However, the reason we are so excited about this trend is that it’s taking on a new modern perspective. We are seeing more play between the slick modern look and the raw and natural style. This is going to be huge in 2020!

How to style: 

Our hanging Bohemian Style Woven Baskets are stunning against a crisp white wall with a luscious green plant. Or, if you want something a little edgier, style our Morrocan Arizona Cactus are woven with halvah grass on a shelf or as a quirky centrepiece for the dining table.

Trend #2 - A Touch of Vintage 

Early 1900’s vintage style has often been a love/hate concept. Layers of lace, floral patterns and pastel colours aren’t to everyone’s taste. However, this Spring we’re seeing some more subtle introductions of vintage influences into modern rooms.

How to style:

Keep in minimal. Make the vintage-inspired pieces little and often so that they become a statement in modern surroundings. Introducing spindles and spooled leg furniture are just some of the ways you can incorporate a vintage accent. Our Abe Linen Upholstered Armchairs would make a beautiful vintage statement in the living room - as well as being super comfy. Choose from blue or cream linen.  Or, for a more subtle approach, use our Dreamy Girl Plates with their dainty floral pattern.

Trend #3 - In Spring, We Choose Navy

Navy is far from a newly discovered colour. However, it’s not normally featured in our Spring colour palette. We’re seeing deep shades of navy painted on the walls and furniture of living rooms, kitchen and dining rooms. Then, paired with pastel and neutral shade accents which instantly balances out the dark Navy to make it light and fresh, without losing the warmth of rich colour.

Trend #4 - Say Goodbye to White Kitchens

If there was one iconic trend of the 2010’s it was the crisp, clean white kitchen. But a new decade, calls for a new trend and what better time to kick start this new trend than Spring! The interior design boffins are predicting a shift from pure white to pale shades of kitchen cabinets and accessories. And for the brave ones, there’s going to be even brighter pops of colour in the kitchen cabinets  - watch out for navy!

How to style:

With your brand new coloured cabinet, you’ll need some fetching kitchen storage to complete the look. Our Provender Storage Jars are ideal with their class base so you can see the contents and keep them fresh with the retro cork lid. An added bonus is their super cute aesthetic. 

Trend #5 - Art Deco 

Art deco originated in France, it’s a love affair between modern, industrial and rich, regal heritage and craftsmanship. We’re seeing a rise in art deco influences in a lot of Spring homeware collections. From eclectic textile graphics to really unusual and obscure artwork that adds a modern twist to the classic art deco style. 

How to style:

Adding in small touches of pattern throughout your home creates a visual treat for the eye. Art deco designs are great if you are not a fan of lots of intricate patterns. Our House Doctor Art Cushion is a super trendy way to bring some shape into your home. 
If you have any more interior trends that you are loving this Spring, then let us know!