Friday Night Dinner Club- Recipes from The Roasting Tin

Friday Night Dinner Club- Recipes from The Roasting Tin

This weeks recipes come from a book in our best selling cookbook collection, The Roasting Tin series from Rukmini Iyer. Rukmini's books contain a collection of super simple, incredibly delicious recipes that are designed to be time saving and but still full of flavour. Each recipe is full of healthy ingredients and is a must have book for any kitchen shelf. 

We chose two recipes from the first in the roasting series, The Roasting Tin - Simple One Dish Dinners

Recipe #1 - Oven Baked Asparagus and Parmesan Tortilla, Page 76

I am guilty of rotating the same recipes for dinner over and over. Two things that make frequent appearances are a Spanish omelette and a mozzarella, tomato and pesto frittata. When I was flicking through the roasting tin book and saw this asparagus and Parmesan tortilla, it seemed like a perfect addition! I could mix my two favourite parts of the frequent fliers (cheese and potato obviously) and get a whole new dish! The addition of asparagus and sweet potato not only adds beautiful colour, but also the feeling of a healthier and more satisfying meal.

I added two extra eggs because the beautiful Garden Trading oven dish I used was slightly bigger. I may have also gotten carried away slicing the potatoes with my favourite Robert welch knife, it just slices through them like butter, so probably ended up with more potatoes than the required 400g. I think that may have something to do with the need for the extra eggs. Apart from the extra eggs and potato, I followed this recipe really closely and it was delicious.

Another reason I was so attracted to this recipe is how flexible it could be. You could add whatever cheese you had in the fridge, extra herbs and spices, even extra vegetables if you fancied!


Recipe #2 - Chocolate, Raspberry and Hazelnut Flapjacks, Page 224

At the risk of being a walking Scottish cliche, I am a sucker for any recipe involving oats. The fact that these flapjacks include raspberries and it’s summer in Scotland, it was really a no brainer. They were an obvious choice. Another reason I love making flapjacks is because golden syrup reminds me of those Saturday mornings as a small child when my grandad would feed me cold toast with a thick layer of Flora and an even thicker layer of golden syrup. It had to be wolfed down quickly before my granny woke up and gave him a telling off for feeding me pure sugar at 7 in the morning.

These are definitely the best flapjacks I’ve ever made. The chopped chocolate melts perfectly into the mixture and the raspberries add the perfect level of tartness. I used almonds because I couldn’t get hazelnuts and they worked beautifully!

I baked these in the Aga as it seemed fitting. It had been a while since I’d used it and left them in a tad too long. It was actually a happy accident because the caramelised edges were delicious!

For the full recipes you can pick up a copy of The Roasting Tin in store or online.