Shop Smart, Shop Indie, Shop Local...

Shop Smart, Shop Indie, Shop Local...

Nowadays it’s easier than ever to take the easy option and shop big brands, whether it’s gifts, homeware or your weekly food shop, we all do it. 

In the shadow of those big superstores and online brands is some fantastic little local and indie businesses waiting to be discovered from cafes, boutiques to salons. You name it and guaranteed there’s a strong-willed, determined person in the community doing it themselves, taking on the big brands. 
Quince itself takes a lot of pride in being an independent retailer and local business in Perth, which works with handpicked local and UK-wide artists, crafters and makers to provide a unique product range. 
We know whilst running a business is extremely rewarding, it isn’t easy. We thought we would shine a light on some of the small businesses in our local area in Perth which we think are doing great and could use a little recognition!

1. Tayberry Gallery

Tayberry Gallery is a shop filled with beautifully crafted home pieces and jewellery from independent artists and designers. The goodies on offer include stunning illustrations which are perfect for around the house, jazzy handcrafted jewellery from metalwork to funky wooden pieces, one-off ceramics and much more. One thing is for sure, high-quality is at the heart of this wonderland of crafts. 
Pop into the shop and the lovely staff can offer a little piece of background on each product, it’s designer and how it made its way to the shelves of Tayberry Gallery. It’s the personal touch that makes shopping local that wee bit more special. 
Check out the Tayberry Gallery website to find out more on their story as an independent retailer and the various designers and artists which they supply. 

2. Little Bird Cafe

Nestled in the city centre of Perth is this humble little cafe with a quaint yet modern touch. Serving up rich coffee (with a swirling design on top which instant coffee can never matter how much we try) with a delightful slice of home-baked goodness on the side.
The menu has a range of healthy breakfast, lunch and brunch options which look as if they are served from the gods of food Instagram. Whether you grab a coffee to take away or sit in the modern-chic cafe you will not be short of sublime flavour and friendly service. That’s why we love it!
Have a look at Little Bird Cafe’s Facebook page to find out more information.

3. Hinterland Coffee Shop

After a long day spent shopping in Perth it’s the law that you must stop for a coffee break. Away from the high street chains, you can find this wee hidden gem. The team at Hinterland are undeniable coffee connoisseurs serving up their own special blend of beans for that extra punch. 
Breakfast, lunches and sweet treats are also on the menu if you fancy a bite to eat. As we leave summer behind, the idea of homemade soup and sandwich combo on a typically cold Scottish autumn day sounds bliss. There is also a noticeable amount of vegan and vegetarian food on offer on the menu with alternatives available so everyone is catered for.
The shop itself has a warm, cosy feeling where you can always bump into fellow Perth locals who regularly pop in for a natter and a coffee. The welcoming staff are always on hand to keep you company if and make an afternoon spent in Hinterland a wee bit more special. 
Check out the Hinterland website to find out more.

4. Under the Arches

An afternoon spent rummaging through the decades in a vintage shop is an afternoon spent well! Well, we think so anyway. 
Under the Arches is Perth’s time portal with an ever-changing range of vintage and retro furniture, home decor and jewellery on offer. If you want to spruce up your home with some new bits and bobs which guaranteed nobody else will have, this is the place for you. 
We love vintage shopping, there’s just something exciting about buying a piece of furniture with a few bumps but a whole lot of history. 
Not only does this shop sell secondhand treasures but they also sell all of the arts and crafts needed to upcycle your own furniture. Pop in for a look, purchase or simply some inspiration for your own projects. 
Have a look at the Under the Arches Facebook page for more information or nip into the shop for a chat. 
We are only scraping the surface of independent businesses and retailers in Perth so if you have a favourite which hasn’t been mentioned, let us know!
And to all of the small business owners who are reading this, WELL DONE! You’re smashing it.
Quince x